Friday, June 01, 2007

Paging Doctor WhatsHerName

I'm going to the doctor this afternoon. I've been sick since Monday and can't seem to shake it. Like all good citizens, I avoid doctors as much as possible. However, facing the weekend in and out of fevers and the lovely attitude that accompanies feeling like warmed over doodoo, I took my sister's advice.

Problem? I have had one doctor the last 7 years. My OBGYN. I'm pretty sure he's not interested in checking anything neck up.

So I've located a doctor on our plan and get to start a whole new relationship with someone who's hopefully been in practice longer than I've been a mother.

The upside? 2-3 hours in a doctor's office. By myself. I may actually get to finish reading an article. Or two!


Shoshana said...

2-3! If you're not going to the doctor Jenn, I almost envy you! Bring along a book.

I hope you're just having one of these Texas bugs. I lost my voice last week, and it's back again this week.

Amanda Sue said...

glad you went! and you prolly needed the time alone. did you snooze in the waiting room, drool puddling on your shirt? or are you too high-class for that?

Michelle said...

Was it the horror story that you expected? Or are you okay with having two doctors know all your vital information?
Do you feel better yet?

louann said...

Hoping you feel better already! Am sure you enjoyed your 'alone time' even if it was in a doctor's clinic!

Jennboree said...

It was about 2 1/2 hours, being a new patient with the one doctor who likes to actually TALK to her patients! She said I wouldn't have to wait that long again and I begged her to let me.

I had strep throat. Oops. Guess no sleep and little relaxtion wouldn't have done much for that.

Thanks everyone! I actually do like my new doctor. Family doctors ask alot of questions, some of them odd, like:

"Do you have sex with only your husband?"