Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Louann tagged me which is good cuz I've had no creativity to post anything this week.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I lived a very different life as a very different and unhappy person.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Preparing to celebrate Bella's 2nd birthday as I continued to blimp out with pregnancy. Bella still looked like a baby then. Hey, wha happen?

Five snacks you enjoy

1. Godiva chocolate dipped biscotti to go with

2. Starbucks venti white chocolate mocha followed by

3. Lemon poundcake with thick white icing to be chased with

4. Sweet tea and

5. 100 calorie pack of Chips A'hoy. I'm all about balance.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics

I know a little of the lyrics to a whole lotta songs

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
I would invest it and become a BILLIONAIRE so I could...

1. Buy an island

2. Build a resort on that island for family and friends to visit. Note, I said VISIT.

3. Build a fantastic home somewhere in the US where there are no tornados, earthquakes or hurricanes. What does that leave...Arizona? They have monsoons. Crap.

4. Set up and fund the very best research lab/facility to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis

5. Create the children's art studio I've always dreamed of.

SPEND SPEND SPEND! I'm sure that's understood.

Five bad habits

1. I binge on things like cookie dough, 5 packs of M&Ms or french bread with sweet butter. My butt is widening just thinking about it.

2. My imagination puts me into over drive of worry for my children. Random, weird things.

3. I don't take enough "me time" for things like unaccompanied baths. It is not relaxing to have one infant clawing to climb in and a 3 yr old helping you to wash your hair with one of her millions toys crowding the tub.

4. I start projects but don't always finish them (husband will fall out of his chair that I've admitted to this)

5. I rarely floss

Five things you like doing

1. Love to draw. I think I remember how but currently it is mostly shapes and flowers.

2. Love to read. I think I could still read books without pictures but it is ify.

3. Engaging in a full conversation with my husband. That is usually when the kids are sacked out in the car on a trip somewhere. So we get to talk about once a month.

4. Pretend play with Bella. She is hilarious and it is a treat to be a guest in her world of make-believe.

5. Pretend shopping. I love LOVE to look at catalogs of things I'll never buy but picking one thing off every page that I'd have to purchase.

Five things you would never wear again

1. Short shorts *shudder*

2. Uncomfortable high heels for the sake of other women

3. Backless tennis shoes. So dumb.

4. Blouses with shoulder pads (I second Louann on this one!)

5. Reba McIntire 90s hair (yes, I did)

Five favorite toys

1. DVR on the saver

2. Computer. Helps keep me sane and in touch with reality. Sorta.

3. Cell Phone. Far less disruptive conversations if I am defensively driving while the children are strapped in the back seat with gadgets of entertainment.

4. Bath tub. Oh how I miss thee.

5. CDs...any that my brother and sister make for me. HINT HINT

Okay, you're it...


theAdelmans said...

picking one thing off each page is one of my favorite ways to "shop" too! sometime i rope my hubby in and he has to guess which item i would pick, i'd say he averages 80% correct. aliina

I'm Just a Girl said...

I'm going to bogart your post. (Does that mean I'm "it" now???)

T-girl said...

Hey, that is what keeps a marriage strong, I find the less time we talk the better we get along!!!! ROTFLMAO SO just kidding but to be honest that seems like the time we actually get to talk also! I kind of miss just talking about stuff for no reason what-so-ever! LOL

louann said...

I so love your "snack list!" And those shoulder pads! you are the 3rd who put it down in the list...that must have been horrible fashion - kept laughing when I saw that. :)

Anonymous said...

Northern California! That's where you need to build your house, of course, it does have earthquakes, but they're mini. It's also excruciatingly hot...

Jennboree said...

Ha. Thanks...Anon. Mystery guest.

tallulah said...

Build your island Way Down In Mayberry. We don't have any of those disasterous things and we have 4 beautiful seasons. You know Jen, I would be priveledged to call you my (very wealthy billionaire) neighbor!