Friday, January 11, 2008

More Toddler Tidbits

"Okay, Mama, you be Dorafee and I'll be the Wicked Witch."

In a high voice (you can NOT play pretend using your real Mama voice), I say something like "Hi, I'm Dorothy, who are you? Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!"

Bella wrinkles her nose and her eyebrows furrow into what we affectionately call a frinkle as she wags her finger at me yelling all scraggily, "I'll get you, my pretty! An your little dog TOO!"



She falls to the floor giggling with great satisfaction at her performance.


Today during a bath, Isabella drew a line all the way across her belly with an orange tub marker. Then she said it was her scar from having a baby.

Me: "So where's your baby?"

Bella: *splish splash* "She's at AndAmanda's house."

Me: "Oh. And are we going to get your baby?"

Bella: *complete exasperation at my ignorance* "YES, Mom."

(she's serious now) "We will get it in FIFTEEN DAYS."

Everything is fifteen minutes or fifteen days as of late.

So, Aunt Amanda, she may be looking to bring Baby Johnson home in a couple of weeks. Perfectly okay by me, but you might take issue with it.

Let me just say that having a c-section has thus far provided THE easiest explanation to how Ava got out of me. She's going to be mighty freaked out when she learns the other way babies are born.


When I picked up Bella from school, all the kids had a police badge pinned on them. I asked if she'd told everyone that her Uncle Daniel is a policemen and she promptly turned to shout out the info to her classroom.

On the way home, we talked about policemen and she said her daddy is a police officer. Well, no, only Uncle Daniel is a policeman.

Bella: "Uncal Danyul works in a police office. Daddy works in a office. "

Me: "Yes... "

Bella: "Sooooooooo, Uncal Danyul is a police office man and Daddy is a office man. "

You got me there, little one.


I am very excited that Ava's learning words at warp speed. Toddler Tidbits will be all about eavesdropping on the two of them before long!


Katrina said...

Oh, the delight of these unique and far too fleeting conversations! I love to hear the way kids think about the world. So sweet!

T-girl said...

LOL I like the logic! Toddler logic just astounds me, the fact is half the time they are "wrong" but... how can you tell them that when their logic is dead on! LOL I can't wait for you to start the conversation eaves dropping for us to enjoy! I wish you lived near me we could stick Bella and Joci together and laugh hysterically at what they come up with, I have a feeling with them being as they are we would end up in tears over that and not always in a good way! LOL

louann said...

Very very exciting stage indeed! Never a dull moment =)

MeesheMama said...

For us, everything has been happening or going to happen on "Furs Day" Bella's genius.