Monday, February 18, 2008

Travel Tip - Be Prepared!


Leave Daddy with the babies for the weekend to visit Oma, the sweetest most beautiful grandmother in the world.


Not breastfeeding for 30+ hours only to wake up looking like a porn star. In tremendous PAIN.

Fortunately, my littlest angel was more than ready to oblige when I walked in the door. We'll work on weaning another day. Or week. Or month.


Katrina said...

Boy do I remember that feeling! I had visions of splitting open like a couple of overripe melons. Not a good thought, or feeling! You can always wean later. :)

T-girl said...

LOL But they looked GOOD right? Sorry, these days I look at my flat funny shaped pancakes and think "must find baby to breast feed!" LOL What? I was just trying to help you find a silver lining! ;)

I am glad you had a good time though despite some discomfort!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Awwwwww. I feel your pain.

Am trying to sloooowly wean day by day. Isn't is difficult?!!

theAdelmans said...

You go Mama!!! I love the feeling of affirmation I get that it is "normal" to be breastfeeding after the first year. I know we have patted each other on the back before and I'll say it again, great job!!

Jennboree said...

You are FAR more impressive than I with your twin girls!

I just see it as part of my job as SAHM. I enjoy it, for the most part, and really think it has been a good bonding experience with both daughters.

I didn't think I produced enough milk to worry about a pump while gone for two days. LESSON LEARNED!

theAdelmans said...

I know what you mean about producing enough. We spent our first night away from the "bookends" for my hubby's holiday party. I was shocked at the size of my breasts the next morning, had no IDEA how much milk they were still getting. Lesson learned is right. ;-)