Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Seeing Is Believing

Or is it?

We have a very lovely, elegant Christian woman neighbor named Eve. Fitting, right?

Eve and her husband own a funeral home. They are very involved in their church and the community. I know this because she's always trying to recruit us to her gospel church. Eh, no thank you. I like to worship while mumbling, not shouting.

One early evening I saw a woman getting out of Eve's car. She looked like a cross between Tina Turner, Cher and Scary Spice. I couldn't help but stare and then she waved at me. No, wait, she was waving me over to her. As I got closer, it was Eve! Huge crazy black and gray striped wig, very loud leopard print rocker outfit, heels higher than stilts. She was waving some Emmy looking thing at me and proudly exclaiming she'd won Best Director. Ooookay.

Now when I see gentle Eve plucking weeds from her flower beds, I can't help but stare in bewilderment all over again. You truly never should believe in just what (or who) you see at that moment.


As a mother, seeing is believing as well, right? I always thought that but as my kids get older and weirder things happen with them, I know that saying does not apply to children.

Ava had some strange blister thing going on her lip yesterday. I called the nurse to see what I could or should do. She had me come in to make sure no blisters were in Ava's throat.

After meeting with Dr. CurlyQ, there was immediate concern over tiny pinpoint dots all over Ava's left cheek. There was a rush on blood tests to determine if the petechiae (broken blood vessels) were caused by a number of things, the worst being Meningococcemia or Leukemia!


That made for a VERY long day. Ava had the displeasure of her first needle in the arm to draw what appeared to be half the blood she owns and I had to hound the doctor's office all afternoon for the results. My mind was swirling from "It is nothing we can't handle" to "OMG, how are we going to deal with this?"

Thankfully, Ava is fine. Perhaps she broke those blood vessels by coughing too hard. Or it could be she was on the tail end of a virus (which I had last week) and it stressed her body.

How could I not know my child had a virus, you ask? Well, Bella had Strep a month ago and the only reason I thought anything was wrong is because that dangly thing in the back of her throat was in a swollen tonsil sandwich.

Part of me feels like a bad mom for not noticing things earlier. The other feels like I over-react and my kids are getting to know Dr. CurlyQ so well that she may one day be invited to their weddings.

I am learning that what you see isn't always what you believe it to be. Politics should have taught us all that! *snort*

I do want to say though...if you ever see pinpoint dots that look like blood, either purple or red, please take your little one to the doctor immediately. Though if your kid has just been finger painting, might check those speckles first. :)


Anonymous said...

I just want to throw this out there, only because my friend has years of experience working in the funeral industry....based on her experience, many of the people she worked with were Steves pretending to be Eves and vice versa. Just putting in my two cents!

Jennboree said...

ha! No, Eve is a woman, I don't doubt that :)

MeesheMama said...

What a scary day that must have been.