Thursday, July 17, 2008

Perfect Chaos As Usual

Sorry to be Debbie Downer as of late. Things are looking up. At least for our other cat, Mia. I swear, she's elated that whatever happened to Willie, he's out of her life. She has been ticked off at us for 6 years since we brought him home as an unruly kitten. She spent the last 6 years getting lazier and so fat that she really needs a cat Lapband. When she lays on the arm of Hubby's chair, the arm disappears, as does the remote if you were looking for it.

The girls haven't mentioned Willie at all, probably because he's a cat and if he graced you with his presence on any given day, it was like a Sasquatch sighting. And yet he was their favorite.


Bella's practicing for the Olympic swim team. We got our huge hot tub fixed and keep it about 80 degrees. Perfect temp and perfect depth for a 4 year old. She dives, swims, floats, holds her breath, treasure hunts and has been doing so much of it all that she has her first swimmer's ear infection.

She went to see her favorite Dr. CurlyQ yesterday and after a mini chatfest, we've battled putting ear drops in her ears. When your child is 4 and you want things to happen, you begin to barter. Put these drops in your ears and then you can go to that fabulous swim party next Sat. Put these drops in your ears IF YOU EVER WANT TO SWIM AGAIN! Okay, so my patience is running a little low.


Remember those little ears listening? Same goes for the littlest ears in our family.

Last night Ava pretended to call Daddy, phone flipped open and propped between her ear and shoulder: "Hi honey! Mmhmm. *fake giggling* Bye baby!"

A good reason to keep all conversations within earshot rated G, dontcha think?


Bella's been cursing. Sort of. She unfortunately heard me say "dammit" the other day when I nearly ripped my toenail off my big toe by jamming it into a stool. Now when she's frustrated or mad I hear her whisper, "Dommit!"

Kinda cute and funny. Mostly ignored. Though I did tell her it isn't even a word. She just scowled at me and I heard her curse over a broken crayon 2 seconds later.

I'm not sure what to do about Bella's newest form of insult, sticking her tongue out at me. Why does it bother me? Because it is so quietly defiant? I can not look on purpose, for the most part, but I certainly don't want her going around sticking out her tongue at teachers, other kids or other family!

Any creative suggestions? Nothing about tongues rotting off or something coming in the night to take it, k? Thought of those, decided against 'em.


There's a gecko in my kitchen pantry. Guess we'll just never eat again.

Happy Thursday!


Amanda Sue said...

happy thirsty to you too!

sorry about the gecko. was it the naked-colored one? i hate those. they give me the shudders.

Katrina said...

Maybe he was there to sell you some car insurance?

No suggestions here about the tongue-sticking-out. It is kind of silly, but it would bother me too. We'd probably lump it in with the rule about not being disrespectful and treating it like any other infraction.

Thanks for the catch-up post! :) *hugs*

T's Pink Gloves said...

Yeah, we have the tongue thing going in my house too. I time out for it, seems to have helped a bit.

I am SO sorry about Willie. Your poor hubby must have felt just terriable. Losing a pet is the worst, they are a part of your family, even when they drive you nuts.

Garlic oil works really well also for ear infections, they sell it in natural food stores where it has St. John Wart in it which will numb it a bit also. I have an extra "kink" in my ear tubes so I get them a lot, I have actually stuck cloves of garlic (cut) in there and it normally is gone with-in a few hours. When she get's out blow dry her hair and make sure to um, get her ears. doesn't take long, just a few seconds to kind of move it around and out of the bead it forms at the base of the canal so it can dry out. Anyways, I feel for little Bella, they suck, hopefully she is feeling right as rain soon!

Amanda Sue said...

oooh! good advice pink gloves lady! i am gonna try the garlic on dillon. he has an ear infection right now, despite being on his third set of ear tubes. maybe he has an extra kink too???

tallulah said...

You are so lucky Jenn! Izzy uses the word f*ck when he's upset. And he uses it SO perfectly......"Where's my f*cking cereal?" and "How the f*ck am I supposed to know?"
I'm a bad mom....BAD MOM!