Friday, November 07, 2008


(Since Bella isn't really a toddler anymore, I think these snippets of funny should be retitled, don't you?)

Bella surprised me this week by spelling "STOP" upon seeing the sign. I was delighted and we celebrated with lots of commotion on our drive to school.

After school, I got a good giggle.

Bella: Mom! I spelled "STOP" for all my friends and teachers. They were amazed. And guess what? (my children's favorite question) Mitchell can spell "STOP" too but WITHOUT USING HIS WORDS!
Her eyes were big as saucers with amazement at his tremendous gift of spelling. I asked her how that can be. She replied that he spells it with his mouth closed and points in the air for each letter.

She was so mad at me for laughing with his mother as I told her about her it. Ooops.


Ava: Mama! Guess what! Mmmnn*inaudible* an hoses (horses) take NAPS!

Me: Yes, they do!

Ava: Mama! Guess what! Mmmnn*again with the inaudible* an hoses EAT!

Oookay...this could go on all afternoon, couldn't it?

Ava: Mama! Guess what!...

Me: Look, Ava! Want a piece of gum?

Works every time.


Halloween was pretty low key but fun. We went with a bunch of other kids to two nursing homes. Yes, two. We're greedy? Let me just say though, that not all nursing homes are created equal and it is not only sad but really stinky (in the lesser of the two).

Even the little ones learned quickly how the trick or treat gig works. In fact, Ava's new little partner in crime would just help herself as long as the nice lady held out the basket. Considering most of these sweet people didn't move too fast, she got plenty of goods.

Ava polished off the candy as soon as it hit her bucket. Bella was too busy twirling and whirling, keeping tabs on friends and hitting up the lady by the popcorn machine for more (oddly enough, the dear woman was giving each kid that passed two kernels of popcorn as their treat).

The kids partied like it was 2008, gobbled up whatever amount of candy their tiny tummies would allow, then crashed before anyone could think about evening festivities. Fine by us. They didn't need those chocolates, caramels or gummy severed fingers anyway. Just let Mommy and Daddy take care of it all, my sweets.


tallulah said...

They looked so cute!
Enjoy these days girl....pretty soon they will be dressing up as goth chicks....or worse.

Katrina said...

What sweet pictures! They are just adorable. (And I confess to robbing my kids of a few choice pieces of Halloween candy. Call it a trick-or-treating fee.)

"T" said...

AWWWW! I can't believe how big BabyAva is!!!!! She is such a little girl now! :(

We won't even get into the trick-or-treating thing, Joci just came up in Tink Wings and skirt with her bucket in an attempt to get a peice of the goods! LOL The only bennifit to the candy is the fact I can get the kid to clean the toilet if I so wanted, all I have to do is promise candy at the end of it all!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable! I want a little girl someday....

Hey I hope the popcorn lady washed her Happy Halloween hands if you know what I mean.

What a great idea to go to an old folks home.