Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two For One - Lessons Learned

If you never leave your 2 year old for more than a couple of hours and then one evening leave for 6 hours to attend a party until nearly midnight, you may very well get finger-stabbed in the eye...

If you want people to be super nice to you and even sympathetic during the Christmas shopping season, get your eye finger-stabbed.

The tiny abuser insists my eye is "burnt."


Katrina said...

Ow! That looks painful! I guess that will teach you to leave the house in search of adult conversation.

On the positive side, you have very nice skin. Where are your pores? :D

tallulah said...

Katrina-Where are Jenn's wrinkles too? Me jealous.

That looks incredibly painful. Wee one wants no holiday cheer for you!

Jennboree said...

That camera is deceiving. My whole face looks way worse.

My eye doesn't hurt a bit. I didn't even know there was a problem until my husband gasped in horror the next morning. Who knew it was because of my eye??

Anonymous said...

Yeowch! Is that how you spell it? OW OW! Are the people looking at you sympathetically because they think your hubby did it?!

Jennboree said...

Ha! Yes. Absolutely. Wouldn't you immediately think that the husband did the damage? :)

Not a pig-tailed little sugar plum?!