Monday, June 08, 2009

Do They Still Make Calgon??

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, ye loyal 4 readers. (hi, Mom!)

Ahhh....where do I begin??

School is out. We're in the second week of summer and already my children are prepping for fall. While at McDonald's (Old McDonald's, they call it) the girls spent the entire time pretending to go to school. We've been pumping up how very awesome school is and now there's a slight possibility they won't even go there.

Why, you ask?

We've just put our house up for sale. After 8 years in this wonderful blessing of a home, we've decided to get the heck out of Dodge. Whether this will all happen at a mule's pace is beyond me.

We've also come up with a crazy ass plan. I have to say "crazy ass" cuz it is.

We PLAN to sell our house, move into a condo temporarily, sell our renter house, fix up my mother-in-law's house, sell it, move all our butts about 45 minutes away to a town outside of the Big City onto a couple of acres of land with a big house, a big pool and a lil' bitty house for my MIL.

Told you it was crazy ass.

The girls are thrilled. Bella wants a house like Tara. If you recall, that is the Colonial style home in Gone With The Wind. See what happens when you leave movie books laying around? Kids get ideas.

Speaking of my big angel, Bella will be five in a couple of weeks. FIVE!

I'm already loving leaving the 4's though. Like magic, she's been sweeter, more loving and helpful. Don't tell me it is just because her birthday is around the corner! LA LA LA LA...I can't hear you!

Ava is preparing for the theater stage. I'm sure of it. I can just imagine all the plays and musicals I'll be dragging family to for her.

She dresses in costume daily. She sings daily. Dances daily. Uses dramatic flair daily. Isn't the writing on the wall??

Prime example: We're at my parents' house for the weekend and my children are obsessed with the stairs.

Bella's playing in one of the bedrooms up there and Ava's already gone up and down at least 15 times. This is only annoying because I have mini heart attacks each time she goes up. My folks have THE steepest staircase ever and my girls can't seem to grasp the concept of going up those deadly stairs without peeping through the bars, striking up a conversation mid-flight, or balancing on tippy toes and twirling while climbing up.

I told Ava no more going up the stairs! Without blinking, she headed upstairs. When I asked her just what she thought she was doing, she looks over her shoulder and matter-of-factly says,

"I need to check on Bella. I have to hug her."

What do you say to that? Especially since we spend hours a day telling the girls to love one another and be kind to one another.

Just when you think you're smarter than they are...

I will try to post more often. Life is truly hectic. Keeping a clean house daily is ridiculous. I can't wait to move and be a slob again!


Katrina said...

What a fun plan! I hope you sell your house soon and find just the right Tara for your little Scarlett O'Haras!

cori said...

Good luck on the move! When its the right time its the right time - no matter how crazy the plan. :) I'll be checking for updates and pics!

Don't you just love when your kids use your own logic back at you?!

tallulah said...

Everything is bigger in Texas! When we were looking to move to your neck of the woods, I was ASTOUNDED at how big of house I could get for the money. Out here in I-dee-ho, real estate is ridiculous.

Jennboree said...

Yeah, it is pretty insane when compared to the majority of the country.

A friend of mine went from a $200,000 for 2,500 sq foot house to a 1,600 sq foot home in California for $375,000!

I'm still not over that.

Anonymous said...

Can we come swim in the pool?! That's a GREAT idea!! I would love that! Here's hoping your place sells! All that space for all the theatricals.....

Anonymous said...

a@#)(*#@)(8 that was me, Kandace.