Monday, May 09, 2005

Borrowed Time

I have always had small boobies. Inherited from my mother's side. When I became newly single I seriously contemplated having implants. Yes, I know. Moment of insanity. Well, a month of insanity until I saw the procedure done on Discovery Channel.

Anyone who knows me also knows this procedure did not take place. Then...I had a baby and VIOLA! Boobs! Granted, I had gallon milk jugs the first 6 six weeks, but then they settled down to a lovely, firm and perky C cup. Oh, the delight! For the first time I could go without a bra and still look like a woman!

I must confess that while knowing my daughter is getting the best nutrients from nursing, blah, blah blah...I am enjoying my temporary boobies and it is partly why I continue to nurse. A downside, they are not for enjoyment for my husband. My daughter has taken care of any nerves that may have enjoyed anything. They do not care for special attention when baby is not snacking. NONE

But I digress. So while I've enjoyed my C cups, I know the day is nearing when they will shrink back to oblivion. The shrinking's begun, the firmness left a couple months ago and my days of braless wonder are numbered.

If every small chested woman could/would experience breastfeeding, there might be even more implant procedures long as they don't watch Discovery Channel.


jes said...

oh. i thought that once you got pregnancy boobs, they stayed. i had a friend that got pregnancy boobs. they stayed. she ended up needing a breast REDUCTION and now she's "just a D."

it seems that God would reward women with boobs, just for going through pregnancy and child birth.

Jennboree said...

Amen! Alas, if history is to repeat itself through my lineage...I will have to say bye-bye boobies.

Rather than big boobs, I'd rather God reward me with less butt.

Amanda Sue said...

so sorry jenn. maybe it is time for another kiddo? :)

Jennboree said...

HAHA you are funny Amanda Sue. Just wait till you have kid #1 and then we'll see if you make such jokes about kid #2 so soon! :)

jes said...

ah. i like your idea, jenn. less butt for me, too. and thighs.

the world would surely be a better place.