Thursday, May 12, 2005

Glad I'm from Venus

Men are strange creatures. Martians even. I'm sure you've heard the old complaint that women can't be understood. What about men?? Men aren't as complex as women, IMHO, but in their simplicity they tend to not make much sense.

Example: A friend is cheating on his wife with a girl they all grew up with and is a known ho. The friend also has a 2 yr old son with his wife. That should add to the gravity of the situation, right? I know all about the cheating but have been sworn to say nothing. So when I see the sweet and oblivious wife, I have to hope my eyes don't give it away that I'm hiding a secret from her. I hate it!

And the friend's argument for cheating in this instance? The wife hates sex and therefore the ever-sexual man must get it from SOMEWHERE.

As John Stossel would say, Gimme A Break!

First and foremost there's the health issue. What if the known ho is getting some elsewhere and said friend passes that on to wife?

What about the double-dipping? Could that BE more nasty? (lil' Chandler Bing for ya)

What if known ho gets pregnant and there's the problem of who's your daddy?

What if wife finds out that we all knew about her louse's disgusting infedelity?

I think if wife isn't having sex it is probably cuz the husband is a jackarse and there is far more than lack of sex to worry about. Women are emotional and that plays into every aspect of life.

So...I just asked my husband to not tell me anything anymore about the friend and I don't want to see friend or wife. I already have a hard time mustering up a smile for the cheater. Instead, I've warned husband of the great wrath that will come upon him should he ever decide to follow suit. *smile*


jes said...

dude. i don't know how you can't tell her. how can you not tell her? i would SO want someone to tell me if that were happening.

jenn, i don't know what IMHO means.

Jennboree said...

In my humble opinion...

I can't tell her because my hub grew up with the guy and he has apparently cheated from day one. Also, hub says it is not our place...whatever that means.

I think guys have misplaced loyalty to their friends, that weird code they live by. But I would throw all that out if a friend was cheating on a spouse!

Frustration is high re: the subject.

I rarely see the wife and louse but have made my disgust very clear to hub.

Amanda Sue said...

daniel works with a guy who does that and over the past couple of years, i have become OBSESSED with how yucky and vile he is. daniel thinks it is unhealthy that i think about it at all, but that is absolutely disgusting to me. then i see the wife and 2 kids, and they are great. why does he do that? arg.

anyway, i feel ya' dog.

Jennboree said...