Monday, May 16, 2005

Hick Hop??

Are you kiddin me?? Did I just clue in to this new genre or has it existed and I've blocked it out until recently?

I saw "Cowboy Troy" singing about playing chicken with a train and had to DVR the video for my husband to view and know that I wasn't making it up.

Am I to like this? What happened to good ol' country music? Willie? George? Martina?

Am I getting old?

Is Shania Twain a country singer or just an opportunist with great abs?

Then again, what made Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray sell out and become *EGADS* co-host of Extra? Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke?

Must singers become actors, actors become singers and models do anything requiring speaking?

What's the world coming to? Hick Hop...that's what.

Now just watch...the Backstreet Boys will get back together...


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! I was so behind that I didn't even know you had started blogging! It's great!

I didn't know it was a thing until we bought new cell phones and my husband downloaded Cowboy Troy's song for his ringtone. Did we mention that C.T. is black? Since when have there been black country rappers? I don't get it. I'm just as flabbergasted as you are, and I thought that teaching high school gave me a little more education about things that were "in the now." Guess not.

Amanda Sue said...

so many genres of music bleed into other genres.

i just stick to the 80s. everyone was weird then...