Sunday, May 01, 2005

Crazy Eyes

Did anyone else notice the crazy eyes of the Runaway Bride from Georgia? As soon as I saw her pic (way to represent Jennifers) I wondered about her sanity. And they didn't look like pics necessarily leading up to her insane 600 invite wedding. Hopefully her family gave her an earful for letting the story go national for three days before deciding to call and lie about being abducted.

If she marries, she should wear white alright...a white straightjacket. The groom should wear one too if he goes ahead with it.


Amanda Sue said...

HOORAY! i am so excited that you posted something that i am about to wet my pants like bella!

she did have totally crazy eyes. you could see around her entire pupil. there was too much white there, ya know?

jes said...

jenn! you have a blog! i've been waiting for this day to come!!

you're right - her eyes were INSANE. maybe that's a new theory: all people who are crazy show it in their eyes.

i'm going to start researching crazy people's eyes now.

Jennboree said...

Every pic of her has crazy eyes...didn't fiance see that?

Perhaps she should lay off the Jolt Cola.