Monday, June 27, 2005

Birthday Exhaustion

I don't know how she did it. She woke up early, ate a good breakfast and rested awhile before the big event so maybe that was a start.

Then the people showed up. She gave hugs, kisses, smiles and even the occasional courtesy laugh. She walked from room to room, checking on all her guests, smiling all the while. She ate a small bite of lunch because she was far too busy socializing to worry about nourishment. When it came time for the guests to sing Happy Birthday, she gave her brightest smile for all to see just how delighted she was that everyone was celebrating with her. Then she ate some cake, trying to remain ladylike but you know how messy cake can be.

She mingled with the younger guests, trying to make sure they were enjoying themselves. She opened presents and let the young guests see what they were. She examined a few of the birthday cards closely, then grinned and moved on to the next gift. They were private moments, no one really knows what her thoughts were.

The party lasted a good 3 hours or more and her smile began to fade. She was a little relieved when the crowd began to thin out. She gave goodbye hugs, kisses, smiles and the occasional courtesy laugh. As the last guest left, she yawned, rubbed her eyes and turned to me with arms outstretched.

I gathered up my beautiful birthday girl with her sticky hands and red-rimmed eyes, held her close and thanked God for blessing us with such a wonderful first year of her life. Happy birthday, my little Bellarina!


Amanda Sue said...

she is quite the hostess. very impressive!

happy birth-week bella!

jes said...

the party sounds delightful! she's TOTALLY going to grow up to be a socialite. or, maybe just a party planner. ;)

happy birthday week, isabella!

Jennboree said...

True, we do celebrate birthdays for at least a week! She learned quickly to milk it for all its worth.