Thursday, July 07, 2005

You can pick your friends and you can pick...

Your husbands...ha! Thought I was gonna say nose, huh? But can you pick your husband's friends?

Isabella and I have made new friends via Little Gym. The mommy is named Cathleen and her 15 month old son is Mitchell. They are very sweet and Isabella likes them both very much. My husband was totally on board with the new friendship until we got invited to a swim party with them, the husband/daddy, and some other friends.

I could hear the cringe in Heath's voice when I mentioned it. I swear he started rattling off excuses like:

Isn't my mother having eye surgery the day before? (yes, with her best friend staying that day and a whole other week to care for her)

Don't we have to finish remodeling the guest bathroom? (mmmkay, its only been stripped of paper for 2 months now)

Isn't your sister's baby shower that weekend? (no, love, it is at the end of July)

So, my question is...Isn't it only FAIR that he has to meet my new friends and tolerate a few get togethers? I sure have tolerated his friends the last five years and the endless "when we were young" stories. (Some still think they're the young studs they once were but that's a whole other blog)

He will go to the party for a couple of reasons: 1) He loves me, and more importantly, 2) he loves to swim. So I figure I'll get his favorite swim trunks, he can wear his cute daughter on his arm and possibly he'll make a new friend or two!

See? the years of my parents forcing me to attend social functions are paying off!


jes said...

i can just imagine that conversation. which is kind of weird, since i'm not sure that i've ever met either of you. except you, jenn, maybe once or twice.

Leann said...

He'll have a joyful time and thank you for "pursuading" him to go :-)

Jennboree said...

Amanda swears we've met, Jes, I just don't recall. But then, I don't recall much of anything anymore. So maybe we met, had a few too many strawberry margaritas and laughed until it spewed from our nose.

Those were good times...

Amanda Sue said...

yeah, okay. jenn and jes both have very active imaginations.

but you did meet! it was AT MY WEDDING! how can you guys not remember the most important day of OUR LIVES!

but i digress.

on another note:
i also find myself sucked into long, intimate relationships with daniel's police friends, while he hardly ever reciprocates. we hang out all the time, smiling and nodding at the memories of the warrants we have served and the drugs we have found in people's butt cracks.

OH WAIT. i wasn't there. i just pretend to understand.

Michelle said...

Amanda Sue! Hey wait! Isn't there at least one police friend that he swaps stories with that you are okay to be dragged into a friendship with?

But, I shouldn't yell at your sister on your blog, Jenn. Sorry, that's your job! :)

I completely understand your side... we tried to do the introduce the daddy to the other daddy, but it didn't go very well. Not enough in common. Good luck!

jes said...

well, i mean, i remember meeting jenn at your wedding, but it was more of a "jes, you remember jenn..." type of thing, and we were standing in your hotel room, and really - who was paying attention with such a beauty in the room like you, amanda?

see how well i can better you up?

also, jenn, i think amanda and i came to your house when you lived in dallas and spent the night one time. and i seem to remember leaving a glove at your house.

is that right?