Tuesday, June 07, 2005

First Day Jitters

It has already started. The panic. The nausea. The sheer terror of being in a crowded room. I already know that I won't sleep the night before. So many questions. Concern. Fear.

What do I wear so as to not over do it or under do it? What will I say? What if I turn red when someone calls to me from across the way? Do I have to greet everyone or can I just focus on the task at hand?

Should I get there 5 minutes or 15 minutes early? It is the first day and I don't want to be first...or last. Should I wear socks or go barefoot?

I guess I'll just take a deep breath, remind myself that it is a positive learning and growing experience and I just might make new friends. Then I'll take little Isabella's hand and guide her into the room for her first day of Little Gym class.


Amanda Sue said...

oh my sweet neice! i hope you are taking pictures. lots!

sorry this is harder on you than it is on her, but isn't that how life goes now that you are a mom?

Jennboree said...

Amen, sista...

When she popped herself in the mouth with her plastic bat that sent her tumbling backward into the table, I think Heath and I just about had to be rushed to ER. But once we got the bleeding to stop (baby teeth are mighty sharp even on one's own lip!) she went right back to playing :)

jes said...

what is Little Gym? i think i must be the only peson who doesn't know this. i must research it, NOW.

Jennboree said...

Little gym is a great gym/activity center for kids from ages 6 months to high school. For babies, the classes teach simple things to help them develop social skills as well as physical.

I can't wait to see all the jealous 1 yr olds watch in awe as my daughter toddles all around with ease.