Friday, June 03, 2005

Do you have all your shots?

Parenthood makes you crazy. Seriously. For all you non-parents, you won't understand until you experience it. For all you who are now professional parents, you are probably nodding your head and shaking it at the same time, therefore looking crazy. For those who are new to parenting, I'm sure you would like to continue reading but must go deal with the latest disaster/drama/fiasco.

I love being a mother but I am flabbergasted by how it has changed my brain. I don't think a moment passes that I'm not thinking as a mom. In a romantic exchange of dessert spoonfuls with my husband, I have actually tipped the spoon up once he got a mouthful, as I would my infant daughter. I even do the lick-the-finger-and-wipe to remove smudges or snot crust from my daughter. I always hated when my mom did that but I don't even think about it, I just see the offending object on Isabella's face and immediately move into action.

I have even EATEN the cookie or fruit that has fallen from my daughter's slobbery mouth rather than try to hassle with finding a napkin or trash. The fact I've admitted that is horrifying. Yet, I swear at the time when these strange Mommy Moments happen, it feels perfectly normal!

So what makes parents do things that grossed them out to see their friends do with their kids? Instinct? Convenience?

I can change the nastiest diaper ever on my own child, but I just about vomit immediately if I have to change someone else's kid. Even smelling another person's stinky kid is too much. Yet my daughter never seems to smell so disgusting, though I know she has to others cuz I've seen their skin crawl once they get a whif.

Parenthood is a whole new realm of reality. Yesterday instead of getting into the cuteness of the moment when a 3 year old tried to love on my 11 mo old, I questioned loudly in my mind whether the adorable tyke had all her immunizations. Like it'd really matter? Isabella will eat a dried piece of poop in the park if given the opportunity!

All you who will one day be parents...I look forward to your blogs of shock, amazement and awe.


Michelle said...

I have done some of the same things that you have admitted to. I will even admit to one more. I can change my son's diaper without thinking anything of it, and can even to little "exams" on his little weiner to make sure that nothing is sticking together or that there isn't anything dirty that shouldn't be there. With this I have no problem. But if I'm at the babysitter's and she is changing another little boy's diaper, I immediately look away, for fear of seeing his little weiner, because I don't want to feel like a pervert. The things that Amanda will learn! :)

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...
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Amanda Sue said...

i am excited to smell my babies diaper as well! :) i handle kid poop pretty well, because of my job. i will let you know if i like it more than i like bella's diapers.

Jennboree said...

Well, you'll get real used to the beginning diapers but when you introduce foods, it can clear a room. Or at least cause daddy's to turn green.

Michelle, I think you must have to do what many call W.I.P.E.

Weiner Inspection, Poop Evacuation.