Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Saturday Night Rerun

I am a fan of Saturday Night Live. At least sometimes. I'll watch it for snippets of funny which are increasingly few and far between. Alas, the good times of SNL have been gone for years, but occasionally they crack some funnies.

Like, the rerun of this last Sat night with Asshton Kutcher. He's totally overplayed and overrated, but his skit was funny enough that I recorded it.

Opens in black and white similar to a Calvin Klein undie ad. But it is Kevin Federline. Unless you've been living in a wine cellar, he is the odd, gross dude who married Britney Spears.

Wearing the signature ballcap and scraggly hair, "Federline" is rolling around on the bed selling his new line of Federline underwear.

"Some people may think I stink...but I don't. Federline, yo." Running his finger under the top of his white briefs with the name Federline printed on them.

"I'm doing my own thing, yo. Just don't tell Britney" Running his hand across the sheets of the messy bed, turning provocatively in his undies.

"Federline, yo."

"Britney likes me best in my underwear. There's hers." Points to thongs in different locations, "But usually her panties are just in my mouth. Ha."

He looks to the pillow and says," I'm kidding."

Looks to the camera all gross-sexy. "No, I'm not"

Looks back to the pillow. "Yes, I am. No, I'm not"

Repeats this several times until obvious Britney boobage appears and he says, "I may be in trouble, yo. Federline...yo."

Okay, so writing it doesn't seem as funny but it sure was on the TV. Almost as funny as Justin Timberlake's dancing as the Omeleteville mascot. Or his Gingerbread man dance to MC Hammer on Ellen. Or Mr. Hanky on Southpark. Okay, Mr. Hanky is just nasty.


Melinda said...

Oh my gosh....I so saw that skit and I laugh so hard that I do believe that I may have cried a little!!! :) It was too funny...do to the fact that on MTV at the same time they were playing re-runs of Britany and Kevin's new stupid show.

Oh...and on this statement:
" Unless you've been living in a wine cellar, he is the odd, gross dude who married Britney Spears." and then added "and later impregnate with his super sperm."

:)....I know...I have issues

jes said...

mr. hanky is NASTY. so is federline.

i used to be an avid SNL watcher, until about 8 years ago when they got a new cast and stopped being funny.

they should have a reunion. maybe the old cast can teach the new cast a few tricks.

Jennboree said...

Unfortunately alot of the old cast are dead. But I do miss the ones who are living...

Amanda Sue said...

kevin federline is nasty. yech. and they are super-nasty together.

this post made me laugh even though i have not watched SNL since the spartan cheerleaders were on there.

Amanda Sue said...

oohooh... also Mango. i like him. i like-a the mango.

Jennboree said...

Oh yeah! Mango! You wanna da Mango? Can yew putta de rainbow en yu pocket? NO? Such es de Mango!