Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daddy's Girl

It is really interesting how a baby changes a man. Especially a girl.

We all know that when a man has a son, there is alot of caveman-like interaction. Boys are born to make noises, crash into things and take death-defying leaps off anything they can climb. Girls are treated as if made of the most delicate china. That's quite funny considering Isabella will climb onto anything she can reach, then precariously teeter on the edge of it before flinging herself downward.

Back to how a baby changes a man. Especially a girl.

Heath has always been "one of the guys". You know the type. Loves beer, Maxim magazine, Hugh Hefner and talking about the conquers of long past. A large reason he's still this way is because all of his friends, except one, is married. And even that friend doesn't act married most of the time.

When we found out we were having a girl, Heath began to change. The first time I noticed was when we were driving down the highway and a convertible full of pretty teen girls drives by. Know what he says? "Those girls better put on coats or they're going to freeze to death". I couldn't stop laughing about that for days.

Then Isabella made a friend at Little Gym named Mitchell. She and Mitchell just love playing together. They are alot alike except, of course, he's a BOY. Heath has made it very clear he'll be "keeping an eye on that boy". Mitchell is 20 months old!

The other day, I saw the video for BlackEyed Peas called "My Hump". I saved it for Heath because it is such a strange song and will be played in every Hooters from now on.
We're watching it, then notice Isabella starts to imitate the dance moves. I thought it was hilarious and adorable. Heath was mortified! Then he pointed out to me that if I flash forward 13 years, that could be our daughter trying out for drill team. Needless to say, that video was erased from DVR and Isabella is forbidden to watch any more MTV with mommy.

With Isabella only a year and a half old, she's got the rest of her life to give her Daddy mini-strokes and heartbreaks. As he likes to quote Chris Rock, his main goal as her dad is to just keep her off the pole.


unclehlc said...

I guess now you understand a little better what your dad went through with you.

Jennboree said...

Ha! Well, fortunately, I was too shy to try out for drill team. I just daydreamed about boys all day in class.

Amanda Sue said...

oh, no you didn't.

"keep her off the pole."

poor bella. no, wait... poor heath!

Michelle said...

Babies change men, women, and mother-in-laws...

My husband also likes to be the man's man, but when we got pregnant, he would see a girl come into church in a skirt that was a little too short, and he would remark about how HIS daughter will NEVER wear that kind of outfit to church.
And now that we have a boy, he sees a girl and says, "Thank God we had a boy!"

koyama said...

So she gets to put boys through the Heath test! Ahhhh the teenage years are going to be fun. Sometimes I wish you could ship kids away from ages 13-19 and get them back all growed up and mature!

Trinity13 said...

My hubby is going to go crazy whenever we have a little girl! I don't think he'll let her out of his sight...heehee!

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Michelle said...

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Tree said...

Oh my I got a smile out of that one! That BEP video is...uh...interesting. And the dance moves...uh...tasteful? Not so much. But how funny it must have been to see your little sweetie trying them out.

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