Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To Pee or Not To Pee

Poo is offensive to Pooh Bear. Poop is too harsh. Like someone just pinched a loaf. Turd is just not age appropriate. So, it is poo-poo.

Welcome to Potty Training 101.

Isabella got a potty for Christmas. I'm sure she's eternally grateful. Actually, she is quite obsessed with it. I know she's only 18 months, but she's been showing great interest in bowel movements for some time, so we thought we'd introduce her to a toddler toilet.

She has already set a few rules of her own:

1) She must be completely naked to sit on the potty, if there is to be any inkling of tinkling

2) Mommy has to sit on the big toilet, even if she's just perched on the toilet seat cover

3) Wiping is a must, even if there is nothing to wipe. Practice makes perfect, right?

4) Bear must also sit on the potty at some point during the day

Bella has peed at least five times in her new potty. Once, after peeing on the floor BY the potty, then resuming once sitting on her toilet.

Bella has not pooped in her toilet, but has pooped (while roaming naked) on her toy car, by the pool table and on her bedroom floor. Luckily, all have resembled smelly bullets, thus making clean up slightly less disgusting.

I know we have a long road ahead of us as we enter the potty training zone, but I must say that so far, it has been quite funny and cute. However, it will not be funny or cute should she insist on being naked in a public restroom once we've graduated to unsanitary toilet stalls. I imagine that's when she'll yell, scream and go limp mid-step. Good times.


Amanda said...

Hi! I am one "the other Amanda" of Michelle's friends and read your blog from hers. I can identify with the naked stuff. My oldest will start school next year and we are working hard on not taking all of your clothes off when you poo-poo.

Jennboree said...

Hi Amanda! Sad that I usually only have blogs about my daughter, but I find everything she does to be entertaining. Considering I stay home with her all day, my entertainment is limited.

So I have till she starts SCHOOL to put up with potty stripping?

Amanda said...

At least she's interested. It wasn't until Reid turned three that he even wanted to look at a potty. After that, no problem. He has never poo-pooed in his undies and after two weeks didn't hardly have any accidents at all. I have always heard boys were harder than girls at pottying and I believe it!

Michelle said...

Micheal won't try to sit on the big boy potty, so we're going to have to buy a toddler potty...
But even then, we'll see if he tells me BEFORE he poo-poos or waits until he's done before telling me he's "tinky"

Amanda Sue said...

ha! smelly bullets.

okay, gag.

right now i just have to deal with the hot yellow liquid that shoots up his back and gets in his hair. mmmkay?

Princess21 said...

So, getting totally naked when having to go to the potty is a no no??? Wow!! I have so much to learn. That explains all of the weird looks I get as I walk out of the stall still adjusting my bra strap!! :)

FYI - I love the posts about your daughter! She is soooo cute!!

jes said...

interested in bowel movements for some time now? and a toilet for christmas? i find that humorous. you should TOTALLY record this for when she's old enough to be embarrassed by it. :)

Michelle said...

Jenn- I'm interested in what kind of potty you purchased... it's time to get one for little man and I am debating between the kind that rewards with music and the kind that doesn't... any ideas?

Jennboree said...

Thank you, Princess21! She is even more adorable in person :)

Jes, I have thought about starting a scrapbook of embarrassing moments. Could you imagine her horror? bwahahaha

Michelle, I ordered one from Babycenter that is white and multi-functional. When she's learned how to use it, I can put the seat on the big toilet and she can use the base as a step stool because it has a lid. She loves closing the lid as her big finish.