Friday, April 07, 2006

Monkey See...Monkey Do

I know now why people call little children monkeys. They climb on anything and everything with no fear. They poop or pee whenever necessary, diaper on or off. They mimic whatever they see or hear.

This past weekend, Bella's Aunt Amanda (AnAmana to Bella) and her cousin Dillon (D or Diyon) came for a short visit. It is always fun to spend time with my sister and nephew but even more entertaining is watching Isabella worship her AnAmana. She follows her around, asking what she's doing or where she's going. She'll give sweet kisses to Dillon and acknowledge me occasionally, but really it is all about Aunt Amanda.

One thing Amanda does is pump breastmilk for Dillon. She's done this diligently for 7 months and I'm in awe of her commitment. Apparently, Bella is in awe too. Not so much that Amanda does it for Dillon, but that Amanda puts those huge suction cups on with a machine that sounds like it could mow lawns.

So during bathtime after Amanda and Dillon left, my little monkey proceeded to put the suction cups from her mesh bath toy bag on her boobies. She concentrated real hard and got frustrated when they wouldn't stick. She didn't seem to appreciate me laughing either.

WHY do I have a video camera if I don't tape these things???


jes said...

that's both hilarious and precious! you need to keep your video camera on you AT ALL TIMES.

Princess21 said...

I thought that was where you were going with this...and yet I was still pleasently surprised and amuzed! She is way too precious!!!

Tree said...

Oh my goodness how funny!
Aidan used to try and breastfeed his doll, Henry.
Kids are sweet, hmm?

Michelle said...

I bet she really didn't like you laughing at her... Micheal has just now gotten to the point where things hurt his little feelings and he doesn't like you to do certain things. He throws himself down and hides his face. It doesn't help if I laugh at that, either.
Oh well.

Amanda Sue said...

every time she saw me pumping she would say "d's bolls?" (dillon's bottles?) and squat down to get a real good look at exactly how far my flesh got sucked into the machine.

i have tried the little suction cups, but they don't work as well. buy her a real pump, wouldja?

Jennboree said...

Don't worry, she'll get to watch Mommy repeat the process in a few months.


YankeeAmanda said...

So, exactly when does this parroting start? I know I'm not in danger of it quite yet, as Jadyn is only 7 months, but how soon should I be worried about every word I say?

Jennboree said...

It begins around 15 months. It'll start with non-scary, then by the time she is about 21 months, like Bella currently is, it gets alarming what they mimic!