Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Sounds of Music

Today, our little peapod is officially 12 weeks and 2 days. My, how the time flies when you're puking every day.

I swear now that it is my second pregnancy, I've suddenly joined a secret club at my doctor's office. On my first visit to confirm that I'm pregnant, the nurses were uber friendly. Almost to the point of bringing on more nausea. My favorite nurse, Maria, filled out all the paperwork (apparently Pregnancy Brain Mush begins earlier second time around) and chatted with me for a good half hour. When my doctor came in, he actually made conversation with me rather than the usual instructions on how to put my feet in the stirrups.

The second checkup, which was yesterday, went just as peachy. Now I'm called "sweety" and "honey". I waited five minutes to get into a room. The nurse checked for the heartbeat, which was located quickly, much to my delight, and the doctor was in to see me, poked my tummy once and I was on my merry way. He even said I'm his easiest patient. That's exactly what a mommy-to-be wants to hear!

Not sure what I did to deserve this royal treatment but it is a far cry from the first pregnancy. The desk clerk, who was surely going to choke to death at the hands of some frazzled pregnant woman, if not by me, has even been...pleasant.

So now I imagine baby's birth day will be filled with rainbows, unicorns and lucky charms in the operating room. My doctor will sing, the nurses will hum and a great white light will emerge from my tummy as they deliver my newest angel.

That'll happen. Right?


Odd Mix said...

You would be surprised how heavenly it can be.

When our first was born it was a multihour, painfull ordeal. The epidural only took partial effect and she didn't really fully understand how she was supposed to push. She wound up with a 4cm tear.

Second go round she CROCHETED through transition. She pushed 4 times. They gave her a small epesiotomy so there was no tearing, and Gabriella arived. No med staff singing or self iluminating abdomens, but just about as heavenly as we could have asked for.

Jennboree said...

Yeesh! Your poor wife! My first baby was delivered by c-section cuz she was butt first so we've opted to do a CS for the second one as well. I think no matter how you have your first baby, it is dramatic and just about makes all men swear off sex...if not for just that day. haha!

Amanda said...

i seriously had NO idea what that was a picture of up there on that comment. my eyes were trying to make it into something obscene. but i have figured it out and am calm now...

Amanda said...

so, maybe by the time you get to four or five babies, they will be doing home-visits to give you a back massage and check your cervix? hmmmm.... me thinks it sounds worth it!

Jennboree said...

You may be having 4-5 babies, but not I. Two is our magic number. But you can provide me with as many angelic nephews and nieces as you deem necessary!

sc@vp said...

fer sure.
no doubt.

Anonymous said...

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