Monday, March 06, 2006

Always My Baby

Today I took the first big step in facing the fact that my baby girl is growing up to be a little girl. I enrolled her in preschool. And I was so nervous about it!

Filling out all the paperwork, reading the curriculum and meeting the teachers was overwhelming. For me. Bella, on the other hand, was quite comfy in her new school surroundings.

How do I know?

Because when we showed up at the preschool, she immediately went to mingle with the other kids. She wanted to follow the 4 yr olds to their class. She began climbing the stairs to the classrooms. Started rattling off her ABC song as if to impress the sweet old lady who greets the children. She was ready to start today!

Granted, that was all done under the watchful eye of Mommy. How she'll do when I drop her off that first day is still up for debate. How I will do that first day is pretty much decided. I will bawl. Me and my big belly full of baby will heave and sob.

In all, I'm very excited for Isabella. She loves learning and socializing. She's just like her Aunt Amanda that way and will soak up everything the school has to offer her. Two days a week, I will have time with my newborn, which will be nice.

I'm sure as the first day of school nears, I will panic, wondering if she's too young, if she's ready, if I'm ready. Her first day may be full of panic or it may be blissfully fun. Either way, it is one more step in her wonderful journey of life that we take together. She will always be my baby, after all!


Amanda Sue said...

aw... now i am all teary!

can i come to Meet the Teacher Night, or would that be inappropriate? i have a list of questions to ask. Or i can just email it to her. Or call! What is the name of the school again?

Also, how many people at the school said my niece is cute? That is important! Keep track, because this may not be the right place for her!

I am going to breathe now.

Michelle said...

How scary!
I can't believe she's getting big enough to think about school! :)
It makes me almost wish that we had something like that around here... but for now, I'm happy with the sitter who is teaching him to count and learn his colors and letters... :)

Jennboree said...

At first I thought it was a crazy idea! But the school is an early childhood center through a church and comes highly recommended from other mothers.

If I don't like it or she doesn't, at least I can pull her out of the school!

Anonymous said...

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