Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Friday, June 23, is my baby girl's 2nd birthday.

Who knew that such a tiny little being, at just 5lbs 12 oz, could cause my heart to nearly burst with such intense love, fear, worry and joy?

Today Isabella is a whopping 24lbs and a bundle of never ending chatter and energy.

Bella loves life. She loves people, especially her family. She adores animals whether they are stuffed, alive or cartoon.

She gets so excited to see her daddy come home from work. She'll hike up her little elbows like an 80 yr old brisk walker and run as fast as her little legs will take her to the door, where she immediately reverts to shyness and pointing to everyday objects as if it's the first time she's ever seen them.

Bella loves to talk on the phone (uh-oh) and will call random family by pressing buttons on my cell phone and then drops the phone when an actual person answers on the other end.

Reading is an increasing passion of hers, much to our delight. Though getting her to read more than two of the fifty books she has is a challenge. I can imitate Donald Duck only so much.

Bella is sweet with a stubborn streak. She whines occasionally but it quickly disolves into laughter with the right distraction.

She can find fun in the simplest of things, such as making "soup" with a medicine cup and the end of my makeup brush. She has conversations with her babies on a daily basis. They will be placed just so at the kitchen table for their snack, each with their own bowl of "soup".

She fibs about her diaper contents. She can have a softball size poop that has to be uncomfortablely lodged but she'll deny it all the way to the bathroom. She'll just keep insisting, almost convincingly except for the stench, "Just pee-pee, Mommy. No poo-poo!"

Bella is thrilled to be a big sister, though she has no idea what she's in for. She kisses my tummy and sings to it if I ask her (though not without shooting an odd look at me). Her little sister always kicks in acknowledgement of such talent.

I cherish this child and every single moment I have with her. She is a perfect combination of her daddy, me and her own individuality. I can't wait for her tiny sister to meet her.

Happy birthday to my sweet Angelgirl!


OddMix said...

How precious she is!

It sounds like she will be just right for a big sister.

Happy Birthday, 'Bella!

Melinda said...

Awww...that's so sweet!!!

Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Ben said...

How cool is this post??

Happy Birhtday 'Bella!

s@bd said...

happy birthday!!

(5lbs? I'm a little bit jealous.)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!

Hope you had a great birthday!

It's okay, Sweetie said...

Adorable!!!!! Congrats!!!

My daugther just got her first medal at The Little Gym by the way!

Amanda Sue said...

that is my sweet, sweet niece! she is just like her aunt.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

-koyama bored at work

Anonymous said...

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