Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Letter

To Womb It May Concern,

I do hope you're enjoying your stay. You've been growing and flourishing in my belly all year. ALL YEAR! I sense restlessness though. Perhaps you are about ready to introduce yourself? Hold on a couple more weeks, okay? We are only 33 weeks along though I have no idea how you're going to keep fitting in there or how my belly is going to continue to accomodate you!

I do appreciate the reminders of your existence, but feel free to let me get at least two hours of sleep between each session. Also, I'd like to keep my bladder intact for continued use after your birth, so could you ease up on that too?

Isabella loves that you play with her. Okay, she loves that you don't kick off the Noah's ark animals who've climbed onto Belly Mountain to escape the great flood of the bathtub. She thinks you are a great little sister so far, except you make Mommy lay out like a beached whale on the couch instead of crawling on the floor to play. Ah, the good ol' days.

Daddy is very excited about your pending arrival. He'll also be very excited to no longer have an irritable pregnant-in-summer wife. I wouldn't expect him to be too thrilled about your first few diapers though.

He's trying real hard not to be overly worried about your delivery day and as long as he doesn't try to soothe me so much when rubbing my hair that he makes me bald, everything should be just fine.

I've not met you face to face, but I love you with all my heart, just as I love your big sister. We are truly blessed to have you and look forward to a lifetime of memories with you!

My biggest request? Kick With Kindness. Okay? Kick with all your might once you have more breathing room :)

I love you,


tallulah said...

Hang in there Jen! I delivered at 34 weeks and Izzy wanted to come MUCH sooner than that! Rest as much as you can girl. Get a babysitter and lie around eating bon-bons. No, really. I know far too much about doing too much when little ones are around. Soon as hubby walks through the door...check out, lay down, drink lemonade and enjoy pregnancy for the last few weeks.
Oh! And I want to see a picture of the belly. I need to see the belly!

Amanda Sue said...

yeah, belly pics would look great. hey - I DID IT! SO CAN YOU!

i can't wait to meet that sweet and fiesty girl! it is funny how big they seem when you're pregnant and how tiny they seem when they are born!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Soooo sweeeeet. Aww....
The bladder thing - what is up with that?!! It is like they think it is funny or something. Sure, sure, you are all quiet until you have decided that I should go to the bathroom and my bladder is cramping your style - sometimes the kicks make me think it is going to burst.

Shoshana said...

Jennborre, this is a cool letter. I doubt she'll listen though. Good try though :)

OddMix said...

Nice letter... uh, how are you delivering it?

Caleb's favorite exercise was to put a foot on a rib and his hands on the opposite hip bone and stretch out. My wife would all of a sudden start yelling "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" and poking at her belly trying to get him to move.