Thursday, August 17, 2006

The New Doogie Howser

Isabella has decided to choose a career already. She's a doctor. Doctor Bella. She demonstrated her skills last night on me, her daddy, Piglet and the cat. Okay, the cat ran before she could get to him. I told her that's just part of the job.

Why a doctor? Well, Sunday night she got a high fever. It went away Monday, then hiked up again that evening to 101. Tuesday morning, I decided to take her to the doc. She really likes her new doctor and of course when we arrived at the office, she was chipper and uber friendly. She chatted with all the kids, ran back and forth, then knocked on the door leading to the exam rooms saying she NEEDED to see the doctor. When the doc saw her, she had no temperature and after a strep test, she was given a clean bill of health.

Great. I'll pay that bill now. We had an extra hundred laying around anyway. I was just gonna clean the toilet with it.

So we get home and that night, a fever again of 101. I panicked a bit wondering what strange ailment my daughter had. Then I thought it might be due to her teeth which she grinded down and needs surgery on in Sept. Don't worry, I'll post ALL about that soon enough.

We go see the dentist who was wonderful to see her first thing on Wed. He took one look and immediately diagnosed her with a viral infection in her mouth. No connection to her teeth, thank Heavens. However...HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS! She was supposed to start school on Thursday! In fact, she can't go to school for at least 2 weeks! ACK! Apparently, she ate or drank after someone who had a mouth sore of some kind. Nice. I'd always heard humans have nasty mouths...but EWWWWWWWWWW.

So now she's all about taking temperatures and Tylenol. I'm very glad I take her temperature under her arm. Certainly don't need her waving a thermometer at people's butts.


MeesheMama said...

Your daughter cracks me up. Don't share any juice with her though. You certainly don't need to be contracting highly contagious infections at this point.

And thanks for your comments. I really like my belly-- OK, I should clarify. I like how my belly looks with the henna stain. I like that it is holding and protecting my little one. I do not like that it gets itself into stains and spills without me even realizing it, and that it means I can't fit into tight spaces or that I have to lumber around sometimes wishing I could get away with using a walker. I don't like that it is going to look like cottage cheese soon. (Wasn't your first pregnant belly so much purer?) But thanks for the affirmation!

Trinity13 said...

How great it would be if she actually became a doctor one could skip those $100 bills!!!

MomSquared said...

Cute!! I think it would be terrific if she was goosing people with a thermometer! Um, forgive all the misspellings.

tallulah said...

Make sure she got a new toothbrush too! Every time one of the kids gets a mouth illness with strep etc., we have to change everyone's toothbrush (in case they touched)!

Jennboree said...

True..true. Luckily, she got a new fun one at the dentist. Thanks!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

"I was just gonna clean the toilet with it."
Ha ha! Are you related to amanda?!
Yikes I guess the pregnancy worry is nothing compared to the entirely new arena of worry that comes with an actual living breathing child!! I hope it all clears up ok.

Shoshana said...

LOL. I just finished a nice long comment, and what happens? It got sucked into an e-ether. (isn't that redundant? e-ether?)

Your daughter is so cute! Makes me sad to have to dissed my old post because.

In this household, no one gets sick alone. It's like a gift that keeps on giving!