Thursday, August 10, 2006

Drama Princess

Today I "nested" some more, which just means I was obsessively cleaning something random, like my husband's closet. I swear, that man had so many hangers and plastic covers from the dry cleaners all over the floor, I should've bagged it up and returned it for a discount!

As I was bending precariously to pick up his pile of baseball hats, my sweet angel girl came into the room happily showing me one greasy hand as the other clutched a half-eaten stick of butter.

"Look, Mama! Look what I got!" she grinned a proud, shiny grin.

What IS it with kids and condiments? When little, my sister was a fan of the tiny packaged butters in restaurants. And mayonnaise packets. SO GROSS.

I told Bella that her hands were a mess and she needed to clean up. She looked at me with wide eyes and exclaimed, "Wha'r we goin TO DO, Mama?"

That's her new phrase. Everything is "Wha'r we goin TO DO?!". Whether it is picking up her crayons that rolled off the table or watching Wonder Pets try to save a kitten floating down the river on TV.

If she gets too excited and isn't paying much attention to whom she's talking, she'll cover her bases and say "Wha'r we goin TO DO, MommyDaddy?"

She loves expressions. Making faces and exuding severe excitement or concern over something. That's why one of her first expressions was "Oh mah goonness!". She wore that one out pretty good.

Do you think they offer theater in preschool? No matter, she'll provide her own theatrics for everyone's enjoyment.


OddMix said...

She sounds adorable. I wish we lived close enough so she and Annelise could hang out. Of course that could be a very dangerous combination - both in total cuteness and in potential creative energy.

Serendipity said...

Jennboree, she's so cute!

Maybe my two year old Yossi can go to drama school with your Bella. He's got so much drama, I'm thinking I should capitalize on it!

jes said...

that's so cute! i haven't seen her since Amanda's baby shower, but i can totally imagine her, a little more grown up, exclaiming "Wha'r we goin TO DO?!"

Amanda Sue said...

i totally already commented on this. where did it go?

Jennboree said...

Well...did you comment after the presidente margarita last night???

Trinity13 said...

Butter? Butter?!! Oh yuck, I'm glad my little never got into eating butter. Instead he loves mountains of ketchup.

Kandace Groenewegen said... first thought was: what is 1/2 stick of butter going to do to her digestive system?! That could be interesting! Tee hee.
p.s. my secret identity blog is BACK! Finally!!