Monday, November 06, 2006


Ava just had her one month checkup. The child weighs a whopping 10lbs, 2oz.

She was just 7lbs, 12oz when born...barely over FOUR weeks ago!

Not only that, she's jumped from 19 1/2 inches long to 22 1/4 inches long. Is someone feeding her steroids when I'm not looking??

Needless to say, I was very surprised. I even questioned the nurse's weight scale, which I'm sure she appreciated.

Other than being an Amazon Baby, Ava is doing wonderful. Showing signs of reflux but not nearly like it was with Isabella (thank God). She is a very happy baby, sleeps a more predictable schedule and is fascinated by her big sister. Doesn't even mind when Bella rubs her head all over Ava's face as if she were snuggling a kitten instead of a kid. A few curls in the eyeball never hurt anyone, right?

My mother-in-law scared me. She pointed out that my child is growing about a pound a week. There are 52 weeks in a year.

Then my brain turned back on and I scoffed at her suggestion. Pshaw.

It wouldn't, it couldn't happen. Right?

See? Even Ava is pondering the possibility.

Hmmm....I may not always be the little one to pick on, after all...

Watch out, Isabella and Cousin Channing!


s@bd said...

Nothing wrong with amazons, baby.

Nothing at all.

Especially when they're completely adorable.

I'm Just a Girl said...

The Boy was 10 days early and weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. I couldn't have imagined what another week or more would have done for his weight (or my stretch marks)! I'm happy to report he's been proportional in height and weight since birth. So tell mother-in-law to check her scale at the door. ;)

Shoshana said...

I have a baby born at 10 and a half pounds.

He's very skinny now.

So glad your Ava is growing well.

Trinity13 said...

Wow, what a weight gain! I hope my little one gains like that as well. He lost 11 oz in the hospital, so they want him to put on a little more weight.

Maggie said...

I just caught up on the last few posts. Your children are absolutely precious!
If it makes you feel any better, Oliver has almost tripled his birth weight in 2 months. Everyone says that is a good thing.
Bella looked absolutely adorable in her Halloween costume!
I'm so sorry about your dog. It's really hard to lose a member of the family, even if it is a 4 legged one. :(

Jennboree said...

Thank you, Maggie!

Unfortunately, the dog is still in my MIL's deep freezer.

Yes, that is beyond creepy.

My husband is having a hard time getting around to burying her.

Eve said...

Way to feed that baby, Jenn! There is nothing more delicious than a roly poly baby. Yum.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Awww - that's great. Better than underweight, right?