Monday, November 27, 2006

My, How Times Have Changed.

Gone are the days when we'd gather with family for the holidays and just hang out all lazy and full from gorging ourselves throughout the month+ of celebrating. The holiday naps as football games blares on the TV until someone gets irritated enough to yell at the boys to turn it down.

Now our holidays consist of entertaining little people or at least keeping a watchful eye every second as they entertain themselves. Constantly asking, "Where's child ______ and who's watching him/her?" Then when a wail comes from somewhere out of sight, the women make a mad dash to see what's going on while the men yell from their post, "Hey! What's going on in there? Cut that out!" (standard Man Yell without knowing any facts, apparently)

Eating is a circus of getting plates of food ready for the little people, making sure each has exactly what the other has, finding those little people so they can eat, making sure no one touches anyone else, that they all have a utensil of some kind (not that they'll use it) and a drink. Thus begins the search for sippy cups. That is never ending. Or the grabbing of Sippy Cup A from Kid B while Kid C goes for Kid B's cup. Doesn't matter that all the cups look completely different. It is always more appealing to drink someone else's juice rather than your own, right?

Naps are ridiculous as well. Coordinating the little people to nap in a small house with too few beds never works without many tears and the probability of no nap for most.

Just as the big people crumble in a heap of exhaustion wherever their butt can sit, they peer out the window and see a wonderful, blessed sight. Their sweet, adorable little ones squealing, running, gleefully tossing autumn leaves into the air and laughing hysterically when the leaves stick to hair, clothing or the freaked out elderly dog. That's really what the holidays should be all about. Enjoying the moment.

I like how times have changed.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like our holiday, except we're one of those mothers who won't let the kids out by themselves outside!

So, my and Momsquared family took the T-day dinner to a park and picnic. It was to be followed by a walk around the lake, but the littles one had so much fun at the playground, it was dark when we left.

Family get2gethers can be a whole lot of fun.

MomSquared said...

Yeah we had fun! I was about to post that Shoshana and I had the same problem with the naps. My kids are used to napping in their quiet rooms in their cribs..and Shoshana's kids can sleep anywhere! And we squeezed all of her 5 kids and all of my 3 into one house for three days. So we had the nap problem for sure!

Anonymous said...

Yes. I like how times have changed during the Holidays too.

T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO! You JUST described my house... how'd you do that? LMAO They are so funny... just when you get at your wits end they look at you all so sweetly or do something so darn cute your heart just melts and you think "Oh, yeah!"

cybercasey said...

Well time do change but our celebrations always stay is full of changes and sometimes they happen so fast...and since the holidays are approaching we do think of our past and share the memories...well i'd like you to visit my Holiday Blog sometime and share some of the holiday cheer and spirit...have a great time during the holidays!!!