Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who's Your Daddy? Or Mommy?

When you marry, before the ink is even dry on the marriage certificate, you are asked when you'll have kids. When pregnant, you're asked how many more babies you'd like to have. When your newborn is less than one hour old, you're asked when you'll try for the next child.

And apparently from day one that any of your children are born, it is commented who that baby looks like. Now we all know that a newborn doesn't look like anyone in particular right out of the chute (no pun intended) but people start the guessing game right away.

What's funny about our children is that they look like, well, us. My husband and I looked strikingly similar as babies. If I had the pics on the computer, I'd upload them to show you. It is almost too weird how we can barely figure out who is who.

Our daughters are a blend of both of us. But to some people, Isabella looks exactly like my husband. To others, she looks exactly like me. In photos, she looks exactly like my mother as a child.

Note that "exactly" is used each time. Because everyone is emphatic about who she looks like! And we hear it...all...the...time. From family. Friends. Old ladies. Check-out clerks. Random people in the elevator.

Now everyone tries their hardest to figure out who Ava looks like. Most say she looks like me. Some say my mother-in-law. (Yeah, makes no sense, does it?) Pictures of Bella as a fat baby (she was a chubster now that I look back) compared to Ava, they are hard to tell apart.

What is it about us that we want so much for our offspring to resemble us? Is it basic human nature? Some primal instinct to identify what is ours? Or is it arrogance? Selfishness?

I personally love that my girls resemble their dad. I love their daddy and seeing our babies with so many of his traits makes me very happy. Now, I may not love it if they try to break their nose three times so it'll look like his. Or if they one day exhibit an inability to ask for directions. But as long as I can teach them the concept of a laundry hamper, as I've failed to do with their dad, then we're good to go.


Amanda Sue said...

my favorite comment has to be:

"no question who his daddy is!"

harharhar. good thang! cause we were wunderin'!

Shoshana said...

LOL. It's amusing to me to hear someone say..."that baby looks like...and then get stump by #4.

Ha ha ha. #4 looks like me, when I was a child, except that no one can say that because now I am 50 pounds overweight, and don't resemble that face. LOL.

I managed to convince my DH to put his laundry in the general direction of the humper. My kids...we're still learning that.

I'm Just a Girl said...

VERY funny post, Jenn! I get mostly puzzled looks when people try to figure out who The Boy looks like. It's almost the reverse of your situation and can be very maddening!

Anonymous said...

People are always so confused when they look at my family (the ones who don't know us). I like to dress Leroy & Mikey in the same clothes and tell people they are twins. Hahahahah! Some people have actually believed us!

I absolutely HATE it when people say in front of the other kids (who know our adoption/biological situation) that Izzy looks so much like Bubby or me. I think it must make the other kids feel bad that they don't have that connection.

s@bd said...

sadie couldn't look more like her daddy or she'd be a boy. and pretty much everyone tells me that all the time.

(do they think I'm too stupid to have noticed?)

oscar's a nice mix ...

Frannie Farmer said...

What I have always loved .. people will say how much LittleMiss resembles my dad - which would be ok, if he were actually MY dad. He isn't my bio dad .. funny stuff :)
I visit via T girl ...

T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO! Oh Gosh, tears! Seriously funny post! Ain't it the truth! My mother-in-law is convinced mine looks exactly like.... HER! Of course she gets mad if anyone says she looks like someone else "she looks like herself!" My mother on the other had is convinced she looks like her! Actually she really DOES look like my mother... spitting image actually! We have a baby pic of my mother up just so people can go "oh how cute, how did you get it to look old like that?" What can we say, we don't get out a lot and it is funny to see my inlaws gush over it! LMAO Shhhh it is my secret! ;)

Personally though I think it is AMAZING that she is such a blend of us both, my husband and I have similar enough features and to see this little person who is a the perfect blend of us both is just so heartwarming. I love that she has his smile and some of his personality quirks... even the not so fun ones, the whole process is so amazing to me! I just can not help but look at her and smile, my heart warming over!