Thursday, November 02, 2006

Toddler Conversations Continued


"Bella! What are you doing?"

A little voice replies...

"I'm hittin the wall with baby's head!" (her doll, not her sister)

I ask why.

" noisy!"

I will not be asking her to babysit Ava anytime soon.


A rustling noise comes from the kitchen. I go in and she's munching on something out of her pumpkin bag. I ask what she's got in there as I peek in at what looks like leaves. When I ask if it is leaves, she gives me a look as if I'm completely ridiculous.

"Noooooo Mommy (laughter), is SALAD."

Only my daughter would put green leaf lettuce in her candy bag. So proud of my lil' rabbit.


It is too quiet in the gameroom so I tiptoe in to check things out. I enter the room to find her standing on her stroller next to the pool table. She is a little startled but recovers quick enough to put on her best innocent look and ask politely "Mama, won't you go in tha other woom?"


So far it isn't the Terrible Twos as much as it is the Troublemaker Twos. And I'm okay with that.


Guru said...

Oh, my gosh, those are like the cutest stories ever!

Kids are the best!

OddMix said...

"Mama, won't you go in tha other woom?" *snort*

Oh, my. How cute can one little girl be?

Princess21 said...

I am always amazed at what they come up with!

She is just too cute!!!

s@bd said...

I would be impressed if my 3.5 yr-old even knew the word!

Kelly said...

Heehee...Emily tells me all the time, "Mama, go in the kitchen", this is when she too, wants to do something, or is hiding something she knows she shouldn't!
AND THEN, she calls salad; "leaves", and asks to have some of "Mama's leaves"!
HILARIOUS aren't they?
Loved the stories!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

So cute! Love her solution to a crying baby! Eek!

Jennboree said...

Guru: Thank you! I could never keep up with all the stories this child has provided me :)

Oddmix: Oh, she's cute and knows it!

Princess: Me too!

S@bd: We're salad freaks. Good to know she is also

Kelly: Sly, aren't they?

Kandace: Fortunately, she's not had the opportunity to haul Ava around. :)

Amanda Sue said...

loving this!

and today, when she sang happy birthday to me on my voice mail, i loved that she said "but mommy! i can't HEAR her!"