Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolate, Alot Of It Is Nuts...Or Maybe Just Me

Three Faces of Eve posted some interesting facts about herself. I love reading about you all so I thought maybe you might want to know a bit more about me. Hey, I understand if you don't.

Over the years, I've learned to see the humor in my life and poke fun at myself. I wouldn't change anything about my life or my past as it is all one big adventure with lessons throughout.

1) Being the undisciplined college student that I was, I only attended the art classes. Even with A's, that isn't going to do much for the ol' GPA when you don't show up for anything else.

2) Amazingly, some people thought my talent enough to teach their children art lessons for two years. That was fun and inspiring. Though not inspiring enough to return to school.

3) Met my husband at the horse track. It was the first time I'd ever been and he was standing next to me as the horse we'd both bet on won the race. I high-fived the stranger and married him 3 years later.

4) I hiked the Grand Canyon from North Rim to South Rim in just over 2 days. I had never hiked or camped prior to this. I lost four toenails which, I'm told, have been permanently "traumatized". It was the worst and the most incredible experience ever. By the end of the 26 mile hike, I was in tears and a day hiker asked if I was alright. I sobbed and begged that she tell her children to "keep to the right" of the trail instead of barreling down past exhausted uphill hikers. I'm pretty sure she was concerned for my mental state as well as physical.

5) Having not learned anything, I skiied for the first time on my honeymoon in Whistler, Canada. CRAZY. That sums it up. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get down the mountain. By the end of it, I was cursing so loud I'm pretty sure the school of 9 yr olds zipping past me picked up a few new words. I blame my husband for thinking the girl in powder blue excelling in ski school was me and encouraging me to skip the rest of class to ski with him. I was actually the one in powder blue barely mastering the snow plow.

6) Third time's the charm for stupidity, I guess. When 4 months pregnant with Bella, we went to Mexico as we do every year, but for some ungodly reason, we decided we were bored of just relaxing on the beach with waiters to serve us. So we rode 1950's banana seat bicycles through the jungles of Coba. It was so bumpy, I couldn't sit on the seat and I had to stand on the pedals to ride. I spent the entire next day sick, in Mexico, and my husband frantically called my doctor in the states asking for help. Can you imagine the conversation the nurses had over that call?

7) I have never ridden a rollercoaster and never will.

8) I'm afraid of exiting dark rooms. I will pretty much leap or run from the dark room to one that has light. I'll do the same when leaving the dark outside to the lighted indoors. I try to keep the heebie jeebies to a minimum around others.

9) I've been married before and thought for sure I would be punished for getting a divorce by never bearing children. So much for that ridiculous notion. I've been blessed beyond measure with two beautiful, healthy girls.

10) I love to drink sweet tea with milk. My brother and sister do as well. But they drink tea with about 1/4 tsp milk. Not sure that really counts.

11) I have an obsessision with my childrens' nostrils and ears. If there is anything there, I gotta remove it. It appears that I've passed that obsession on to Bella. The other day she was caught with her finger up Ava's nose.

12) Sometimes when nursing Ava in the middle of the night, I think of things I could blog about. Then I completely forget what it was by morning.

Yeah, so I'm ending the list at 12.

Tell me something kooky about you so I feel better about myself. K? What good friends you are!


MeesheMama said...

I totally relate to #12. (I don't get #8. Do you really run out of, say, a movie theater? What do the people who are with you do?)

Thanks for sharing!

sc@vp said...

Best 'met my husband' story I've ever heard.

Jennboree said...

Ha! Meeshemama, I should clarify that it is mostly at home or somewhere not populated. I can keep my cool at a theater.

tallulah said...

I love horror flicks. Slasher flicks are O.K., but I love the kind that totally scare the bejesus out of you....and the really creepy part? I like to watch them when Bubby is out of town.
Okay, I've shared something. I like your list a lot better!

T-girl said...

Your list made me feel even more boring! Sigh... not your fault, I have PMS and when I get PMS I dislike myself. It is like every little thing that is "wrong" with me is megnified in my warped hormonal mind but the rest of the month... totally fine! LMAO So basically for 3 days a month... no one wants to hang out... that is ok though because I am blowing up their "faults" also and who wants to hang out with someone like them anyways! LMAO

Signora G said...

Something about me? Thanks for asking ... let's see ... okay, got it!

I jumped out of an airplane on my 30th birthday. On a second date. They say everyone comes in to your life for a reason. This guy's reason evidently was so that I didn't have to jump alone. Never heard from him after that day. I actually googled him a few months ago - found him - he got really fat. I found an odd sense of joy in knowing that ...

Amanda said...

i drink tea with milk, but it is NOT 1/4 tsp. it just isn't 50/50. more like 80/20. clayton and i were actually discussing the best ratio last week at dinner.

something interesting about me? i go to bed about seven times a night. rather, i go to bed. i get up to check the thermostat. i go to bed. i get up to pee. i go to bed. i get up to put socks on cause it is freakin' cold in my bedroom. i go to bed. i get up to re-wash my face so i won't wake up with a lot of new zits. i go to bed. i get up to play one game of electronic sudoku. i go to bed. daniel smothers me with my pillow so i will stay in bed.

NB Warrior said...

I also have to get out of a dark room in my house as fast as possible. Or do what I used to do as a kid. My living room and my bedroom were on opposite sides of the house, so when I was ready to go to bed, I would walk to my room turning on all the lights along the way. Then I'd go back to the living room and turn off all the lights as I went back to my room to go to bed. I couldn't just turn off the lights in the living room and go ALL THE WAY to my room with no lights on! That was just too damn far! hehehe

louann said...

I have never ridden a rollercoaster in my life and will never get on one of those horrifying things. I thought I was the only kill joy when it got to those things, glad to have found you!

Maggie said...

wow, all very interesting things! You are a wild woman!

I am with you on #8...and michelle ugarte too. I SO do that. I also have a nightlight in my room.

I like swimming, but not in deep water. I have an irrational fear that a dead body will float up under me while I'm out there. Crazy, I know.

by sweet tea, you mean COLD tea? EEEEW!!! Well, I guess I can't say that since I haven't tried it. milk in hot tea is good though.

Eve said...

That is a GREAT list! I can soooo relate to most of those..
You are adorable!

Girlie said...

That is so interesting!

I will have to think what I will write...I am so boring though, there's absolutely nothing I can come up with.