Thursday, February 08, 2007

An Amazing, Exciting and Lovely Time

She called this a "rain down".
Logical, don't you think?

Forgot her shoes. Had to make do.

Bella loves talking. And talking. But it is at such a high decible, I think my dad doesn't even hear her sometimes.
She also loves adjectives. And is learning to use them correctly!
We went to see my family this weekend. My parents, sister, BIL, nephew, brother, and his GF.

Dad became Bella's new best friend with his gumball machine. He'd give her a penny for a gumball and she'd chew it for about 3 seconds, spitting it out as instructed (the concept of gum still pretty much eludes her) and would immediately ask Grandpa for another "doin". Yes, that is "coin" with a "d". Watching Dad try to figure out that one was funny.

All weekend, everything was "amasing" and "essiting". She told my mom that the peaches in the fruit bowl were "lofely".

What 2 1/2 year old says "lovely"??

Climbing awkwardly out of little cousin Dillon's toy house, she exclaimed "Its a WONNERFUL day!"

My sister just likes to hear her talk. I'm very glad someone other than me thinks everything Bella says is adorable. That is, except when she screeches "Noooooooo!". That is not adorable on any level. Even when she's got teensy-tiny pigtails I've managed to stretch up into rubber bands. Instant face-lift for a toddler.

We had a great weekend and I already miss everyone. How was your weekend?

And WHY would I want my toes in my face, Mama?

Could he BE any cuter?


Kelly said...

Oh my! So much cuteness!
It made me laugh when you wrote that Bella exclaimed, "It's a WONNERFUL day!"...Emily ALWAYS says, "It's a beautiful sunny day!"(even when it's not!)
You're so right about the adjectives, it's just too adorable! I love this age!

louann said...

Sounds like you weekend was indeed fun and eventful.
The "talking" age is absolutely the best. Everyday will be such an amazing and amusing day just listening to what the little one has to say...wait till the second start talking too!!!! That'll be fun I bet.

Melissa H said...

Those shoes are wonderful. It reminds me so much of me, now, not as a kid. Well... maybe then too. Great pic TFS!

Shoshana said...

Awww, Bella is so cute and adorable! We should have her met my 2 years old!

Yossi have been telling everyone that he's 2 ners old.

I was a little nervous there thinking my child is telling me he's stoned! He's been into flinstones lately, I never can tell.

Have you noticed kids takes on to money real quick? I get hit on for quarters a lot!

tallulah said...

Great pictures. Aren't kids amazing how they will pick up on words and then use them correctly in sentences. Izzy's favorite is, "Mama, isn't it such a perfectly, beautiful day?"

T-girl said...

Awww! VERY cute! SEE THAT is why I can not wait for Joci to talk. I want to hear THAT! SO cute!

Ava is getting so big! She is looking more like a big-baby now instead of an newborn-infant. (I am not sure how to say that btw but I am sure you know what I mean).

Humpft! They grow so fast, I wish I could slow Baby J down sometimes and just enjoy her longer and more but... she already is not listening to me! LOL

Hugs- T

OPP! I almost forget- I had had a cousin who talked like that. She also used adorable as in "that dress is simply adorable!" We never could figure out WHERE she got THAT from! LOL She is 16 now and talks normal I promise.... well except for the normal teenagedness; she can sneer like no one's business... other then that she is sweet! ROTFL

I'm Just a Girl said...

Wondered where you went, girl! And I have realized that kids pick up language from duh...US! She says "lovely" because I guarantee you have said it enough times. The Boy uses the word "beautiful" a lot to describe things. How many 5 year-old boys throw that word around???? Glad to see you back!