Thursday, January 11, 2007

Save A Jigger For Me

This is totally random but I have to share this EASY and delicious recipe for all you busy working and stay-at-home moms....or you who are lazy and hungry.

Every week I buy a roasted chicken in the deli section. The key is to de-bone it immediately because it is less nasty than when the chicken is cold.

One of the things I make weekly (we're pitiful that way) is a vodka penne pasta. Hey, somebody's gotta drink the Absolute.

All you need:

1 jar marinara or the tub of it in the refrigerated section at the store (Buitoni?)
1/2 can petite diced tomatoes
1 cup chopped fresh mushrooms (more or less or none, as you prefer)
1 cup shredded roast chicken
1/3 cup Vodka
Cooked penne pasta

I like to sautee the mushrooms in olive oil first. Then add the sauce and diced tomatoes into same pan. Throw in chicken and add the vodka. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes on low.

Toss the sauce with the penne pasta or serve on top of the penne.


My child LOVES this dish. Maybe because she thinks she's getting some alcohol while a minor.

I'm not much of a cook but when I find an easy recipe that the whole family will eat, we run with it.


tallulah said...

Since we are now Vegetarians, I will just boil the pasta and drink the 1/3 of a cup of Vodka.

Jen said...

Mmm...I'll have to try this. It's ok to measure the vodka as "one for the cook, one for the pot", right?

Anonymous said...

Dude. That sounds AWESOME. Yum. I may go buy vodka tonight!

T-girl said...

that sounds good! Maybe I will try it... with the additions that Jen has suggested! LOL

louann said...

I may decide to forego the pasta and chicken and just have the vodka!
But really, I will try this recipe one of these days =)


Amanda said...

i think we have raspberry vodka. will that work? or malibu rum.

oooh... what about just rum and coke?

sc@vp said...

this sounds amazing (I'm good for anything with vodka in it)

Eve said...

Maybe I will try this instead of the Tequila Casserole I usually make to get the kids to sleep.