Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Have you seen the new Bud Light commercials and billboards?

"It's always worth it."

IS IT? Really?

Is it worth wrapping your tree around a pole? Is it worth playing hopskotch in a straight line while touching your nose as an officer requests backup?

It has to be the most irresponsible and stupid ad slogan in years.

However, Geico has GREAT commericals. I love mocking Neanderthals.


T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO... I LOVE the Gieco commericals too... the "Cavemen" and "Gecko" ones are hysterical. However, I do not approve of thier, "Reality comercials!" Drive me batty... except for that one where at the end the exercise is going like mad saying, "you can do iiiiiit!" I think that is hookie but it is funny! LOL To bad their commericials are LIES! LOL

I haven't seen the Budwieser ones yet, I will have to look into it.

My absolute FAVORITE all time ones though are "Citibanks' identity theft one!" LMAO

Amanda Sue said...

i haven't seen the commercials - and you know nac doesn't have billboards!

that does sound like a stupid slogan, but i am sure it beats "Head on! Apply directly to the forehead!"

ALE said...

I haven't seen these yet. I agree that's a stupid slogan. But I do love their older ads, the ones with the frogs in the swamp. Always aired during the Super Bowl. Those always cracked me up!

Jennboree said...

The Head On commercial was voted worst commercial last year so I thought it pretty funny when they started the commercial and inserted a very average looking person to mock the verbage and say she hates the ad but loooooves the product.


OddMix said...

I love the Geico ads, too. The therapist one is my favorite.

*whispers* Ummm... did you mean "wrap your car around a tree or pole"? or is there something in the ad about wrapping a tree around a pole?

Jennboree said...

HAHA...OddMix, you are the only one to catch that! FUNNY. It was a looooong day.

I'm Just a Girl said...

I agree--a very irresponsible slogan. But one I'm sure my husband and all his drinking buddies think is totally accurate and appropriate. I'm sure there wasn't one woman on the committee that came up with that slogan!