Friday, February 16, 2007

Not For The Weak

Wanna know what's gross?

Emptying the laundry basket as you do each week and finding a moldy spit-up infant pj's and your favorite t-shirt also molded by spit-up.

Are you shuddering? Me too!

Also what's gross?

Your potty training toddler deciding she needs to potty on the BIG big girl potty (ie. toilet) and doesn't warn you or your bathroom carpet that she had already pooped in the pullups she was removing all by herself with great pride.

And one more gross-out?

Your gimpy dog who can't tell when he goes either type of potty and thus doesn't realize it as he snuggles all happily in his cozy blanket rather than face the cold for a walk-n-drop stroll.

Would bathing in bleach be a bad thing? Think I'll just stop and smell the roses from hubby instead....


Maggie said...


The roses are beautiful though

T-girl said...

ROTFL... Baby J did the same thing the other day! Talk about a suprise that was not so great!

Moldy shirts and PJ's... yeah I have been there.. NASTY! Zout Oxy baby for things that are colored and bleach for those that are not (and even a few that are! LMAO Actually I made the fortunate discovery that Gymboree things- most of her clothes- CAN be bleached for the most part as long as they are embroidered ect! LMAO)

Gorgous flowers btw! Yeah you!

tallulah said...

Some days, that's all I do....clean up after everyone's grossness.

Amanda Sue said...

motherhood is gross.

sorry for the mold, poop, and more poop.

Kelly said...

I didn't even flinch - it's just too common,unfortunately.
But gross nonetheless.

I'm Just a Girl said...

I'm smelling a pattern here....LOL

At least you had roses to cover up the smell!

Katrina said...

You definitely earned those roses! In fact, a bouquet every week would not be amiss... :)

small town girl said...

ughhhhh, I've had my share of gross stories! The roses are gorgeous