Monday, February 19, 2007

Hoppin On

I'm not one for getting on bandwagons and am usually turned off immediately when Oprah touts anything as THE NEXT BIG THING. I mean really, who can even afford any of her Favorite Things?


I have to say that watching The Secret was truly inspiring. What's sad is my husband brought it home weeks ago after watching it at work. He hailed it as incredibly eye-opening and I dismissed it as some hooey for motivating his work staff.

Then I happened upon Oprah's show last week and 7 of the "teachers" of The Secret were discussing the video. It definitely peaked my interest to see such a diverse group of people all so excited about this discovery.

The funny thing is...there's nothing new about The Secret. It is simply the law of attraction. We've all heard about it. We all recognize it. Few of us really apply it to our life.

This weekend I watched the video my husband brought home, ignoring his baffled looks that it took Oprah and not him to get me to believe the video's magic. I'll never live that down.

Let me just say that I recommend this to everyone and everyone's loved ones. It IS truly eye-opening.

All those sayings we've heard:

1) Every action has a reaction
2) Think good things and good things will happen
3) Don't do today what you'll regret tomorrow
4) Life is what you make of it

All of that is true! And all of it is related to the law of attraction. Many of you Christians or other religions may wonder if this will interfere with your beliefs and I don't think it does. I think it coincides. I think God is all things, will always be all things, for eternity. He created the law of attraction just as He created the law of gravity.

I've been on a spiritual quest for some time now and watching this just felt right. It made sense to me and how I view spirituality. I won't go into great detail but I don't just believe in blindly following the Bible or man's teaching of it. There is great mystery surrounding the Bible, much history and many debates. I love to learn about it all. It is a huge part of my spiritual growth.

As I said, "The Secret" isn't some great mystical discovery. It is life. Energy. Spirit. Your MIND. This video really explains it better than I've ever heard or understood.

If you have seen this or decide to watch it, I would love to know your views.


T-girl said...

THANK YOU! God everyone is talking about this damn thing but no one is actually talking, if that makes sense! You FINALLY told me what the heck it is about, I have been wondering! LOL I have litterally come across like 5 blogs touting it, or not touting it also, but no one says what it is about. Since I stay very FAR, FARRR away from Oprah I had no clue! LOL

This sounds interesting. It appears you and I have the same phylosophy on religion and spirituality so I think I would like this. BTW- want to drive me over a bridge, start touting the bible at me based on word for word fact. I have a freind who is so bad about this I actually know many of her favorite passages and the corosponding OPPOSITE passages just to shut her up! LOL Drives me batty, the bible is a GUIDE in my opinion NOT to be taken textually litteral!

Great post, I wonder if I can get the hubbies work to play it so the hubby won't think it is phoey... should I present it, it would be "foo-foo!" LOL

Kelly said...

I saw a portion of Oprah's show on this. I was definitely intrigued and somewhat baffled.
I was intrigued because a lot of what they spoke about were biblical principles - which had me asking all sorts of questions.
I still don't have all the answers I need on this in terms of applying these principles as a Christian but, I do know two things:
1) God needs to be #1 - always.
2) If these principles keep your focus OFF of God, then they're bunk.
I guess I'm kind of feeling like this "secret" is part of the New Age Movement, which takes focus off of God Almighty and puts in on yourself.

Again, I don't know, nor do I have all the answers. The principles certainly made A LOT of sense, but I still don't have peace about it so...

This scripture keeps coming back to me:
"Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding"
Proverbs 3:4-6

That's my 2 cents.

Jennboree said...

What do you consider the New Age Movement? Something that is not Bible-based?

Kelly said...

Essentially yes. But mostly something that takes the focus off of God and puts it on yourself.
It might be "right thinking", but it doesn't lead to salvation.

tallulah said...

I am definitely going to have to get this CD. I totally missed all of this "Secret" stuff.
I don't believe in god so it will be interesting to watch from a "non-believer" perpestive.

Jennboree said...

Tallulah, do watch it! And let me know what you think. I'd love a non-believer's perspective!

Amanda Sue said...

you can watch it here, for a small fee. :)

I'm Just a Girl said...

Hey Jenn, looks like I'm not the only one! I need to get this DVD, I'm not sure why I am hesitating. I think I want to wait until Spouse comes back from his trip and then we can buy it together. Or at least I can buy it and we can watch together.

T-Girl: Don't worry I won't take your comments personally....I tried to explain The Secret as best I could having not actually watched it! LOL

Chaos Control said...

I've yet to see the DVD, although it's on my list of things to do. I have to say, however, that I agree whole-heartedly with the four points you bring up here in this post.

I'm getting that DVD TODAY!

T-girl said...

ROTFL Sorry I'm Just A Girl! I had forgot you talked about it also! I was not refering to you- I promise, and now that I think on it you did a fine job. I have come across it a few time though about how it is un-Godly and such but no one tells you WHY they think that, just that it IS! LOL I am all for opinions but back them up like Kelly did above. You know? You did a fine job, I'm just a bubblehead sometimes, for some reason this explination made sense to me... you should see me learning math, teachers hate me because they have to figure out 500 different ways to explain it before it makes sense to me and I go "oooooooo!" LMAO

T-girl said...

OK, I just went and read IJAG post... I am feeling bad about this can you tell???? LOL She DID do a good job, I got kind of into the couple of principles that got my mind to going and I think I focused one or the other... I am sorry! I feel bad now! I have no idea what is wrong with me! LOL

I'm Just a Girl said...

T-girl you are too funny!!!!!!! No hard feelings, I swear!

I'm Just a Girl said...

So Jenn, I have some questions about The Secret. Since you've watched it I would appreciate your answers since I don't have time to search through the thousands of postings on Oprah's very disorganized message boards!

You saw my last blog post when I talked about how I should be posting and thinking about how great seeing my family was, and not the incredible annoyances and rudeness of strangers in the hotel. So when things like this come along (I'm not talking about earth shattering things but more so the day-to-day annoyances of life), HOW are we to proceed? What does The Secret "tell us" about that. Is "venting" no longer healthy? If I want to call my girlfriend and bitch for a few minutes is that going to offset my efforts on attracting what I want? Isn't it healthy to let off a little steam once in awhile? But from the very little I understand of The Secret, it sounds like that would be a no-no.

It's confusing and vague at this point. I know that I DO want to watch the DVD, but until then I was hoping for some more in-depth descriptions. On Oprah's follow up show someone in the audience stood up and asked HOW to go about making these changes. Besides "making an action plan" I think she was looking for some more specific answers and truthfully the men on the stage did nothing to answer her question. It's almost like they were just spewing rhetoric about how wonderful this way of thinking is, but didn't provide her (or me) any sort of real STEPS to take, no details. So it's real fuzzy. Any answers for us, Jenn?? You're ahead of the game on this one!

Jennboree said...

It was explained that what you throw out into the universe is not immediately "answered" or returned back to you. So you have time. Gripe to a friend and get it off your chest but then try to find the good in a situation or person afterwards. Or try to think of ways you can help the situation or person in a positive way.

It is a challenge to live life every moment in a positive light and it is also unrealistic. The panel didn't have time or were edited in what their responses were to questions. It is explained much more clearly and in detail by the teachers in the video. Really.

Steven Novak said...

Stop watching Oprah...

That is all. ;)


Jennboree said...

Heard about this video and husband saw it before Oprah even showed previews for her show about it.

T-girl said...

You know Jennboree I was thinking on what you said in your last comment re: I'm Just A Girls Question. I think many times us woman forget that there is a very fine line between venting and bitching. It sounds like what they are saying is venting is fine but when you take it into obsessive bitching you have to be careful. I am working on this in my own life right now. We all like to vent/bitch about things but at some point you have to cut it off. It is one thing to say, "oh I am so frustrated x,y,z" it is a completely another to go on for 90 minutes disecting every possible angle, innuendo or nuance of the situation, especially if you are looking at it in a bad light! I am not sure I am making sense but I hope you get what I am trying to say. I like this, this sounds really good, I am going to have to check it out now if only for curiousity sake! It kind of sounds like it may be a cognitive thinking type of deal, which rocks! Thanks for sharing it!

I'm Just a Girl said...

Jenn thanks for the info/analysis. I don't know that I could ever NOT vent if something warranted that kind of attention, so I'm relieved to hear that even the "experts" say that a little venting is healthy. What I do have to work on for sure is taking it too far and not letting go of it once I have vented. I'm just not the kind of person who can coast through all crappy situations with a giant grin on my face and sing "Kumbaya." So I'm glad that the secret to happiness isn't walking around like Ronald McDonald!