Monday, February 26, 2007

Life and Love

We've had a busy but fun few days. We've gone to the park, we've visited family, we've eaten in restaurants TWICE without a single tear shed by any of us!

Yesterday in the quiet of the afternoon as I nursed our baby and my husband read with our toddler, I was overcome with love for my family.

You know that love.

Your heart swells with so many emotions that it spills over into tears. You feel blessed and honored to be such a part of these wonderful beings' lives.

I look at my husband and am still amazed that our paths crossed and how almost instantly I knew he was who I had been searching for. Before, I thought that was a ridiculous notion. Can you possibly meet a person and within moments of speaking you just...KNOW? Well, yes. With age and experience comes awareness, I guess.

I see Bella and what a beautiful individual she is. Each day is a fresh day of learning, exploring and growing. I look at her photos over the last 2+ years of her life in awe. I see her pure love for family and friends. She is loving and kind to her baby sister, climbing into the crib to play with her, "reading" to her, singing to her. She is a remarkable person.

Playing face to face with Ava, I sense that she will be an opinionated observer :) She takes in everything but is never quiet about it. She's the noisiest 5 month old ever, grunting, growling, babbling. She absolutely adores her sister. She's already got a sense of humor and gets quite happy with herself. Funny how hard you'll work for wet kisses and laughter.

I never want to take my husband or my children for granted. I want them to always know my love, support and joy for each of them.

Happy Tuesday, all!


s@bd said...

happy tuesday, indeed.


MeesheMama said...

Yep. Blessed.

Chaos Control said...

You're a lucky lady!!

T-girl said...

I love that feeling! I have started keeping a blessing journal to capture it. I just started but I am hoping it will help lessen the frequency of those days where I feel down (not often but still) and when I DO have them I am hoping that it will help to make them go away. ;)

Could your kids GET any cuter? Seriously, very adorable! Love the last two pictures, they both have what I call the "ham look/aren't I the cutest look!" I love it, it is my favorite look! OH and the first picture is why I SO want to have another baby. SO cute! LOVE the look on Baby Ava's face, she looks so adoring.

Eve said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
The pictures, the words, all of it.

louann said...

Beautiful post.
We know 'that' love.
Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family :)
Happy Tuesday

tallulah said...

Oh Jenn! I do know that feeling and isn't it wonderful?
Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful girls.

Amanda Sue said...

happy tuesday-on-a-thursday.

why didn't i read this post earlier this week? it would have made my days so much more lovely!

i *heart* those girls!

small town girl said...

This post is so touching..
I love that feeling<3