Friday, March 02, 2007

Toddler Tidbits

This morning Bella was bathing joyfully and then there were screams. I thought surely she'd rubbed soap into her eyes or hurt herself with one of the million bath toys.

Nope. It was a bug. The teeniest, tiniest bug. I tried to convince her that the microscopic critter just wanted a bath too. She'd have none of it. So I made the mistake of flushing the offender down the toilet. If she ever pees in the toilet again, I'll be amazed.


Bella has educated me. She'll spin the globe in her dad's office and point to somewhere on the ocean, telling me it is the Chocolut Micky Way.


Last night, Bella was sitting with Ava laying across her lap while I read a book to her for the tenth time. I look over and Bella's holding her shirt up while Ava is rooting for a nonexistent snack.

Isn't it incredible how much a baby
changes in just ONE YEAR??

I can't even imagine what Ava will look
like or her personality a year from now.
It is exciting being a mom!
Okay, that was overly enthusiastic because we all know it isn't always exciting. Especially if you wake up one morning and it dawns on you that you haven't worn your hair any other way than a ponytail for four months. Or you realize that you DO own something other than Mommy Attire.(ie. t-shirts, nursing bra, sweatpants, tennis shoes). I actually still own a skirt and heels!
What's your daily Mommy Attire? Don't make me hate you.


Michelle Ugarte said...

My mommy attire is non-existant because every time I go to the store to get myself something I start to feel guilty. I always tell myself that the kids need clothes, shoes, socks... etc...

My hubby has more shoes than I do and the women usually rule the closet but not in our house. =)

MeesheMama said...

Attire? Ha! If I manage to get into pants at all we're doing good. But usually it's yoga pants or pj pants and a tank top. (I wear one with the bralette if I'm feeling like dressing up or I'm expecting a package.) It's bad.

Bella really is a ittle lady. I love that she tried to nurse Ava. (Kin makes me use my pump on his belly.)

T-girl said...

That is really cute... I can't wait, then agian I can because I am enjoying this stage, to see what Baby J is doing next year at this time. I know there will be big changes... hopefully she will be TALKING! LOL

Oh, and on a good day... I am still wearing my night clothes! LMAO No, honestly that has been known to happen but I am working on getting out of that funk and trying to at least put on jeans and a sweatshirt/t-shirt. Other then that, yoga pants and a tee are also a norm. Thank you for this, I feel so much better knowing that I am not the only Mom in America that is not putting on a dress and vacuming the livingroom ala June Cleaver! LOL

small town girl said...


Maggie said...

lounging pants - pink with cartoon monkeys in pajamas - and a t shirt...sometimes a sweater. I usually don't get dressed in real clothes unless i'm going to work or if we are going out somewhere. It's so much easier at night if you are already in your pajamas at bedtime!

Jennboree said... I am the norm and not the exception. Not that there's anything wrong with being Mrs. Cleaver...riiiiiiiiiiight? :)

Chaos Control said...

Around the house, my mommy attire is a comfortable sweat outfit - but I do admit that I kick down and buy cute, currently-in-style ones because nothing scares me more than baggy-butt-sweatpants.

And I refuse to leave the house in sweatpants, cute ones or not. I'm currently about 15 pounds overweight, so put me in public in comfortable sweats, and you've got frumpy, live and in person. I cannot allow myself to go there!!

I'm Just a Girl said...

Now that The Boys is five and in school part-time it's less likely you'll find me in sweats, but I'm basically a jeans girl. I love turtleneck sweaters and long-sleeved layered t-shirts. In summer I usually rotate the same few pairs of shorts that don't make my thighs look like sausages, and wear either a tank top or a t-shirt. I am pretty bad about makeup though, however ever since my dermatologist cured my acne I haven't been as obsessed about making sure I cover up! LOL

Eve said...

There are also WAYYY too many ponytail and pajama days in our house too- for all of us. And I am burning this nursing bra when I am finished with it, if it hasn't completely disinigrated by then.

tallulah said...

IF...(and some days, that's a BIG if) I get out of my pajamas....

Jeans, turtleneck, and cute boots.

Every time a friend of mine sees me somewhere, they exclaim "Oh! You look so cute!" That's cuz they normally see me in nothing but grundgy pajamas!