Thursday, March 08, 2007

Still Kickin...

Hello, everyone! I finally found my way out of the mountain of laundry in time to post before the week's end.

We returned from visiting my family on Sunday and it has taken this long to get our life somewhat back on track. Working to get Ava back on a sleep schedule just so we can screw with it all over again in two weeks when we go see more family!

I love to see my family. While it isn't necessarily relaxing, it is nice to have a bunch more arms to hold Ava and a few more legs to chase Bella. Her favorite chaser is my parents' dog, Lilly. Lilly is like the Energizer Dog on speed. She's sweet as can be but OH MY LORD does the animal ever sit still?

Yes. When a 2 1/2 yr old is holding her ball and gets too distracted by Dora to throw it. Lilly waited breathlessly for Bella to throw it. And waited. Then looked perplexed. Then the full-body wiggles began and just before blowing up with all that patience, Bella returned to reality to throw the blessed ball.

We also took family pictures. Um. Let me just say that attempting to get three kids under the age of three to cooperate was comical. Throw in some wind, goosebumps and two grandmothers teetering on little chairs on a hill, it would've been more memorable just to video the event.

Upon leaving, Bella announced "that gurl" (photographer) is her new best friend. God love her. Everyone is her best friend these days. And if someone ignores her, she will loudly point it out. "Mama, why that man not tawking to me?" I know the day is coming when she starts to point out obvious differences or characteristics of others. In preparation, I'm practicing my not-shocked-response face.

We are on our way to the dentist to make sure those pretty and expensive teeth Bella owns are doing well. We're also begging the dentist to wave a magic wand to make her hate the pacifier.

Here's hoping...


Kelly said...

Good luck! I've been preparing Emily to make her first visit to the dentist. So far she seems curious and interested. Let's hope it stays that way!
Welcome back!

Jennboree said...

I love LOVE her dentist. He is the absolute best and I highly recommend pediatric dentists. They just have a special way with the kids to put them at ease.

MeesheMama said...

A sleep schedule? Ha!

If you find that magic pacifier wand, could you mail it to me?

Jennboree said...

Alas, no such wand exists. We are stuck either gradually weaning her off the paci or just gettin ugly when she turns three and going cold turkey.

We are aiming for option one which thus far has failed. Apparently, at her age (2 1/2+), it has escalated to a MUST HAVE and not a boredom friend. She doesnt' think she can sleep without it. Ever. At all. D-R-A-M-A

He did say boys are easier than girls to wean off pacifiers. Yay, you! :)