Friday, March 30, 2007

The Return of Silent Movies

In a recent interview, Kirk Douglas said that when he had his stroke he could no longer speak so he was just hoping that silent movies returned.

I will never again go on a cruise. Not after watching Poseidon on mute. This movie might have fared far better in the theaters if it had been marketed as a silent movie. Nothing like watching people drown in silence.

A child was one of the main characters in Poseidon and since being pregnant with Bella, I cannot watch children suffer on TV, movies, the news or in real life.

My heart raced, I felt short of breath and I clinched the covers with my hand, squinting my eyes to see less misery, taking care not to wake the tiny sleeping beauty next to me. It was more torture than entertainment. Had the sound been on, I'm pretty sure it would've driven me to change the channel.

If you are trying to be sweet to whoever you snuggle with by keeping the TV muted, it is best to watch action shows/movies as opposed to Shakespeare. Takes alot less brain power to follow along. Unless it is a Will Ferrell movie, God love him, no brain power required, muted or not.

Oh, and the new series Dirt on FX with Courtney Cox? That show, muted, is utterly ridiculous. I won't bother watching it with sound.

In conclusion, here's to dry land! CHEERS!!


OddMix said...

You're leaving me in suspense here - the the mute child make it out of the silent cruise ship?

Jennboree said...

Oh, c'mon now...I can't spoil it for other silent watchers!

T-girl said...

LMAO... very cute! I am the exact same way btw about movies since having Baby J. Before it was "sad" and I didn't particularly like it but I was able to get by NOW however... not so much.

Well, you are a step closer to me, I can't even make myself turn to the channel, volume or not, for Dirt! First off what kind of name is DIRT? Second, as Monica Geller she rocked as anything else she is silly.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

We just watched blood diamond and except for about 30+ F bombs and all that violence the thing that bothered me the most was the children turned soldiers......I think God expands our hearts triple their usual size when we have kids. I can't stand watching/hearing about any children suffering. I always imagine it is Grayson.