Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Well, THAT's new...

My oldest child who never napped for more than 40 minutes as a baby (and I nearly went crazy) now sleeps a minimum of 2 hours, often as long as 3 1/2 hours. Every day. At least that gives me 40 minutes all to myself as the littlest one takes her miniature baby nap.


We have the overwhelming task of prepping our house to sell and took a load of trash to the dump this weekend. We got turned away cuz...

They didn't have any more room for trash. At the DUMP.


My youngest child bites while nursing. And she has no teeth. The chompers on a toothless six month old make me shudder in fear of those first two buds that will emerge in the next month or two. Is it so wrong to yell obscenities masked in cute words like "mother duckie!"?


I am on somewhat of a post-baby safe-to-nurse diet. Being the healthy eater that I'm trying to be, I bought some Kashi GoLean Crunch. Since when did the FDA approve dirt as "an assortment of delicious food options for a healthier you"? Are flaxseeds those fuzzy looking things falling off the tree in my backyard?


We're donating tons and tons of books to a library of my husband's choosing. We called one library and they were elated to receive any kind of book, even offering to put "In Memory of Becca" in the best books of the bunch. We called another library and they were all "eh, we need to examine them for quality."

For free books?? In a public library?? In the backwoods country?? No wonder the volunteer firefighters burn up their own trailers. (oh, yes. That is a whole other story for another day)


So what's new with you?


louann said...

Long naps are the best! I can't wait for the little one to start napping longer too...a little more time for ourselves!

T-girl said...

OMG YOU TOO!!! Yesterday I watched a house... located within seeing distance of the fire department litterally go up in flames... and 20 mintutes later... still no fire department. Yes I know they have to wait for ALL the volunteer firemen to arrive but couldn't they send the two dudes that are full time over a block with a hose or something... they could even walk back and ride down with the rest of the dudes when they got there? I mean comeone they were standing in thier drive watching the damn thing shoot flames sky high as they waited on someone!!!!!!

Oh and yes, yes that is totally appropriate to yell such things. Baby J use to do the same thing and I would yell out "Holy Mary Mother of God!" It required something long I thought! LMAO

Hope the move and such goes good... NEVER fun to move!

Hugs- T

Chaos Control said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! And I'm confused that the DUMP ran out of room for garbage? What is this world coming to?

Good luck with the move - Call me crazy, but I love moving!

MeesheMama said...

Oh no with the biting! I hope that stops. I had to wean Kin at 8 months because he bit so much and so hard with his little teeth. Move on, Ava! (And feel free to curse. She won't remember.)

I'm Just a Girl said...

You crack me UP!!! I can totally envision you nursing your baby and screaming "mother duckie." You might want to try "Fuddrucker" too (a famous hamburger chain, not sure if you're familiar with it) although that word may get garbled the wrong way if you're careless!

And by the way I actually love Go Lean Crunch! It's the only Go Lean cereal I like, the rest of them do taste like something I peeled off my tree. Don't you think it's sweet and kind of like granola???