Monday, June 25, 2007

Fuhwee At Last, Fuhwee At Last!

Our little Bellarena is three years old.

WHERE has the time gone?

My 5 lb 12 oz teensy sweetpea is now a robust 27 lb chatty Cathy. And her favorite color is pink, in case anyone without ears didn't hear that all weekend.

While we might have an idea what traits our newborns might have as they grow, we can never come close to imagining what wonderful individuals they will continuously evolve into. Or what profound effect our children will have on our own lives.

Isabella is confident, yet a bit shy around those whom she may not know well. A daydreamer like her mother. A sensitive soul like her father. She is expressive with her words though she will often get lost in thought. Bella still asks about the "sleeping" dried-up butterfly Daddy put in the garden a month ago.

She constantly challenges and teaches everyone around her. To be more creative, funnier, sweeter, kinder, more giving, more loving, more informed, more patient, more be better people.

So here we go, beginning the wonderful journey into the 3's. I've been given a taste in the last couple of weeks how they might be. Full of emotional ups and downs, pure laughter, heavy sobs...all within a matter of seconds. It is like having a toddler teenager.

And I'm okay with that. Just gonna have to wean Ava so I can start drinking. I'm KIDDING. I think. Get back to me in about six months.


Happy Birthday, Angelgirl!!


T-girl said...

SO, SO SOOOO cute! But isn't it sad a little bit too? There are some days when I look at her and think, "you are so adorable, can I keep you this way forever!" Then there are others... not so much! ROTFL Like right now, she has learned the fine art of whining, yeah we don't like whinning but she sure does, it must make her feel better because she has started to do it a LOT! LOL


Jennboree said...

Oh my tolerance for whining is incredibly low, like, almost non-existent. Not that it matters. Bella will whine repeatedly using the same pitch.

With 3's it appears that lying begins as well. YAY.

I have very mixed emotions about my baby girl getting "big BIG BIGGUH!"

louann said...

Happy Birthday little Bella!
Notice how I just had to say "little." Birthdays are happy events but sad reminders that our babies will eventually not be babies anymore!
Here's to a year of new adventures and discoveries for both you and Bella :)

tallulah said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Three's are fun, they really are. Enjoy it because once they turn 4, they don't seem like babies anymore.

louann said...

Named you a rockin' girl blogger by the way :)

theAdelmans said...

happy birthday sweet bella! and good job mom!!

Chaos Control said...

Buon compleano a Bella!!

Eve said...

Happy Birthday, sweet little bunny!
Three is the new black. :)