Friday, June 29, 2007


It looked to be a tough fight.
Aggressive Baby vs Lazy Cat.
Ooooh, low blow, Ava.

The two fist grip with a body squish. Bold move!

That's right. Look your opponent in the eyes before taking him out.

And the winner is...

Aggressive Baby!!
Next scheduled fight:
Whenever Lazy Cat decides he wants more of it and lays next to Aggressive Baby.


Jemmers said...

Go Aggressive baby!!!! :)

That was just way too cute!

louann said...

So cute! What happend to the furry cute cat after?

T-girl said...

VERY cute!!!! Those picts are just too adorable!!!! I can't believe how much she has grown either!!!!

We have an Orange cat also and that cat is a glutton! He actually seeks her out. She LOVES him so much and now that she knows how to kiss that poor thing get's slobbered all over too! LOL Either way I am convinced Orange cats are the bomb, I have never heard of someone having a bad one!!!

Amanda Sue said...

she totally got those moves from her cousin.

(what do you think of t-girl's comment about never having a "bad" orange cat???)

Jennboree said...

Willie is a few fries short of a happy meal if you know what I'm sayin.

No worries about Ava flopping around on him. Our gigantic cat Mia is at least 19lbs and does him in on a daily basis :)

tallulah said...

Izzy used to do that to our orange cat Pooh. All of our other cats don't care but all it took was a few back-leg-kicks from Pooh and Izzy stays far, far away.

Cute pictures!