Monday, July 09, 2007

Bella never crawled. She tried for half a second then two weeks later began walking. So now that I have a crawler in the house, it has been fun as well as educational.

Ava can go from room to room at lightning speed. It is amazing! If I'm in the other room and she needs to find me (which is always, as of late), she'll wail "mamamama!" and bolt towards me, stopping only to eye a speck of leaf to determine if it is worthy of a taste before proceeding.

Ahhhh yes. Crawler's appetite. A walker looks for food bits on tables, toys or leftovers at their highchair's footrest. A crawler finds edibles in obscure places like corners, under the couch or behind furniture, smashing their cranium in awesome determination to retrieve a smidge of bug parts. They go out of their way for food inspection.

And Ava's learned the art of carrying something while crawling. She figured out quickly that it is uncomfortable to carry with one hand when crawling as it will crush fat fingers so she just puts it in her mouth. I have a human puppy.

She's quite pleased with her new skill. She's mastered it well and I don't know if she'll walk by ten months like big sister because Ava can high-tail it to her destination on all fours without injury (unless Mama puts a dress on her to trip on and smack her nose on the floor. Sorry, honeygirl!).

"They" say 50% of babies crawl. Guess that holds true in my house.

Go baby!


The King's Mama said...

I just started reading your blog. I think I found it in the blogroll from Michelle's blog. So there seems to be a whole host of us women writing about our kids (mine's at

Keep writing; I'm reading!

louann said...

Now that's goes for me too, JOsh NEVER crawled. He walked at 10 months. DAsh did the crawling thing which was very interesting to me especially when he could start crawling really fast.
Now your story...I could just imagine how cute Ava looks!! Argh, must be too cute everyday huh?

I gave you the schmooze award by the way. Check out my blog. :)

MeesheMama said...

Finding something to taste at every obscure corner= SO TRUE! I laughed at how well I could relate.

Jemmers said...

Congrats on the crawling, Ava girl!!! Keep mommy movin'!