Friday, July 13, 2007

She'd Quit But Everyone Hates A Quitter

You mothers know your children. You can practically anticipate their next move or even thought! Then your child does something to remind you that he or she is a fantastic little individual and you should never underestimate her.

If you've been reading this blog for awhile then you know our struggle with Bella and her pacifier. The paci is Bella's vice, her smoke, her drink, her Godiva (yeah, it's mah weakness).

The dentist, who we've come to know better than her pediatrician these last two years, said that kids over age 2 with a pacifier become truly addicted to it. They believe they simply cannot sleep/survive without it. Sadly, with Bella, tis true.

So for the last 6+ months, we've been building up daily to her 3rd birthday. Rather, the week after her third birthday so she wouldn't always associate turning 3 with her parents ruining her life. (oh yes, drama of a 3 yr old equates to that of a tweenager)

Then she got sick. VERY sick. We thought she had a UTI but thank God the tests came back negative for it. Nevertheless, the week affectionately known as Hell Week, was set aside until she recovered.

Last night as I was tucking her into bed, she asked to sleep with me. I said no, she begged, pushed out a tear and I told her that she could sleep with me but NO PACI. She spit it out and trotted off to my bed all the while chatting about how much she loves me and I'm her best friend.

People, this child who's slept with a pacifier 95% of her life did not sleep with one last night.

Not a tear was shed. She didn't wake in the night asking for it. She woke up HAPPY!

I'm trying hard not to get too ahead of myself in thinking I can toss the Silicone Demon back to Satan but I am optimistic.

I don't care if she sleeps with me for the next 10 years if it means no more pacifier. Yes, you can remind me of that declaration when I'm complaining that my 13 yr old won't get her butt out of my back.

For now...victory for us all and a date with the playground for Bella.

When it was cute.


Amanda Sue said...

woohoo! take every bit of victory in that, mom!

maybe she's done!

tallulah said...

Hee hee. That's funny because girl, you are her next pacifier!
Huge accomplishmet on Ms. Bella's part (and yours of course.)

Jennboree said...

SEE? that's the thing. I was her pacifier for 19 1/2 months when she was nursing. I couldn't stand it anymore so I heavily encouraged the pacifier. And I've been paying for it since (literally).

She still rubs ear lobes when tired. So I got that to look forward to at night too.

MeesheMama said...


Serendipity said...

LOL. Jenn, you have a charming girl. I thought my older kids would never leave my bed...I had to put a bed in my closet because they're on my bed...but then it turns out that around 5, the start staking a claim on their bed.

Shoshana said...

Sometimes I can be a twit...I was that one before.

louann said...

That's nice to hear :) I hope it goes on perfectly well in the next days to come :)
But Jenn...I am starting to freak out now. My younger one LOVES his pacifier. And we parctice co-sleeping. So...what do I do when he turns 3?

T-girl said...

Choices, I am finding that toddlers are all about choices! What you do is find something else she wants and give her a choice... "if you want to eat today you can't sleep with your paci!" ROTFL but you get the point I am sure!

Sigh, i know all about being a paci I myself am one, although recently her stuffed Pablo is able to take my place on occasion... THAT GOD!!!!!!! LOL

T-girl said...

Opps that is suppose to be THANK not THAT! LOL

Chaos Control said...

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