Monday, July 16, 2007

Razor Tooth Tiger

She is quick and quiet. She'll climb to her destination in a flash, teetering on the edge only for a moment before lunging forward to safety. She looks down, pleased with herself as she feeds on the crumbling tasty treat she'd come after.

She stops chewing and furrows her brow. A low growl begins. Then her tongue starts rolling around, in and out of her mouth, flicking bits of food all over herself. The growl is now louder then suddenly erupts into an ear-piercing screech as she rocks on all fours. She stops, smashes her gums together and grins, pleased that she made her sibling jump out of her skin.

Then she crawls over to her mother, demanding nature's snack. The mother protests. The growling begins again with the little one. She starts screeching again and as her mouth opens, the light bounces off what appears to be one tiny razor sharp tooth. The mother cringes and gives in, intent on weaning her little tiger sooner rather than later.


louann said...

THat is just TOO cute Jenn! :) Too cute.

Katrina said...

What a fun description of your local "wildlife"...heehee! Teeth were the main cause of my weaning Caleb--it only took a couple of bites before I was waving the white flag and sending Paul off for!

Shoshana said...

I was wondering which endangered species you're talking about.

Yoash has molars and he stil wants to eat. He's my nicest baby yet. He has never bitten me on purpose because he's mad at something.

T-girl said...

Aw I LOVE they way they look with those first few! SO cute but how is this possible, you were just comlaining about being pregnant forever, next thing we know she will in college!

The King's Mama said...

Believe it or not, but King E started getting teeth at 5 months and I was waving every white flag of NO MORE NURSING! But, as it turns out, he already knew how to suck and the teeth make rather little difference most of the time. He still nurses when he wakes up at night (but not any other time!). Good luck! and keep writing.

Jennboree said...

Louann - It's all her :)

Katrina, thank you! It was fun to do some creative writing.

Shoshana, these two are more endangered with Ava attacking them :)

T-Girl - I know! ACK!

KingMama, I think this child scares me because she's already proven to be a breastfeeding abuser.

Bella never bit and I was able to nurse her for a very long time. Ava has made me cringe for months now!