Tuesday, July 24, 2007

*** Breaking News ***

Last night, Ava took her first steps free of any help.
She did it three times and was extremely proud of herself, squealing her delight,
while a little part of me was sad to see this huge milestone so soon upon us.
What's next, I ask. Reading?
Slow down, ladybug!


theAdelmans said...

oooooo, some "firsts" are pretty emotional! she'll always be your sweet baby. :-)

louann said...

Yay for Ava!!! It was pretty exciting, right? But milestones as such reminds us that soon they will be babies no more. Now on to Ava being all over the house :)

T-girl said...

NOOOO!!!! She is still just a littl bump in your belly HOW can she be WALKING!!!!! Sigh, I hate that they grow up so fast, it is so bitter sweet! They are so happy you can't help but proud and happy for them but then agian it is sad... they grow way too fast!

Jennboree said...

WAY too fast, T. As long as my girls still cuddle, I'm okay. Once that ends, which I hope is NEVER, then I may have to seek a therapist.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Awwwwww! Go Ava Go! I guess she beat Grayson!! Congrats!
Also - Jenn thanks for all the great tips. I just signed up for weight watchers for nursing moms and am actually impressed! It is just what I was looking for because I have no time to think about structured eating.
Ok, so tonight I blew it with a good friend over a banana split, but you get the idea!!

T-girl said...

JEN ME TOO!!!!!! OMG, I SO dread the day she doesn't want to cuddle with me or gulp, give me her sweet little kisses!!!!!

Kandace... you make me feel bad! I really need to start doing my WW again, I kind of fell off my wagon too BUT I haven't gained back so that is good right? Good luck and enjoy the Banana split, they are fine occasionally... even if they blow your "diet!" LOL

louann said...

Jenn, I tagged you by the way :)