Friday, July 27, 2007

No Junk In The Trunk

When I got pregnant with Ava, I was 10 pounds heavier than when I was pregnant with Bella. May not seem like much to some but adding pregnancy weight to that, I thought surely I was doomed to forever wear 2 sizes bigger than what I'd been my whole life. Very traumatic.

A friend of mine started doing Weight Watchers. Her mother had joined and gave my friend all the info. She exercised (hahahaha..whew, the idea of doing that is friggin hilarious) and now she weighs what she did in high school. 123 lbs.


When I'd had enough of the post-baby blubber, I asked her for help. She gave me all the WW materials for nursing moms and I began the diet immediately. I wouldn't even call it a diet. It is a change in the way I eat. I still snack all day. I eat chocolate and carbs. I just do it in moderation during the week, then lose my mind on the weekends. Sort of like college, but we won't go there.

Other diets nearly had me convinced that the WW diet was awful because you have to count points, when in fact it is so easy that I know in a nano-second how much I should or should not eat. 3 pts for a can of Coke or 3 pts for cookies? Eh, food please.

AND...I have lost 20 pounds. I've reached my goal!!

I highly recommend this diet. No, I'm not paid to say that though I'd surely accept payment in large bills, rolled not folded, faced the same way. WW is especially awesome for busy moms or nursing moms. Both of whom deserve a vacation from feeling like a beached whale.

However, if anyone can tell me where my butt went, I'm sure my husband would appreciate it.


Jemmers said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so great!!!

I wish I could loose a few lbs.!!!! I know I am not a bio mom....but I am a busy mom....who eats cherrios and gold fish crackers all day! And excerise.....what is that??!!

Good for you ...for taking such good care of yourself!!! I know that doing something for just for us is hard!! So BRAVO!!!

Jemmers said...

See...I can't even spell exercise!! If that is not a sign, then I don't know what is!!!

louann said...

WOW!!! THat's great!
I wish I could lose that much too.

Shoshana said...

Wow! That's it, I am signing up.

As for the butt, it's not as hard to find. if you have a step, step up and down on it..say 100 times a day, and squat for about 50 more, and that butt will be back in no time. :)

tallulah said...

A big congratulations to you Jenn! If WW can make dieting easy and enjoyable, than that's the best of all worlds.

When I was nursing, I kept losing weight. I felt like baby Izzy was sucking the life out of me. I could eat anything I wanted. but as soon as he weaned himself, the pounds came right back. Imagine that!

Jennboree said...

Oh I know Tallulah! That's why I'm glad I got on WW. The breastfeeding does take off the pounds but the WW will help me keep them off since I'll be "trained" already.

theAdelmans said...

i had no idea they had a program for nursing moms! i think i would need a consultation with someone since i am nursing twins. great job jenn, you are my inspiration today. my hubby and i are deciding on what to get each other for our anniversary, maybe we should join together. again, congrats!!!!

Amanda Sue said...

you are awesome!

it IS pretty easy! i did it for a few weeks, then got off, then found out i was pregnant so i immediately started eating like a horse.

but i lost 5 pounds at the beginning, and i will do it again when i am nursing #2. :)

Chaos Control said...

I lost 30 pounds on WW, so I echo your sentiments!