Friday, October 19, 2007

67 Days, 1597 Hours, 95824 95823 Minutes..

...'till Christmas.

Last year was a nightmare trying to shop with two babies. I can only imagine the hellish adventure this year with a very verbal 3 year old and fidgety one year old who wants to roam the aisles (Roam. HA. Try run) rather than sit in the cart.

And because I am SOOOO smart n' savvy, I am doing most of my shopping online. It is fantastic. Some stores offer free shipping, some $5 across the board, others have online specials. It is very fun and I can load up the virtual cart, change my mind five times, then order!

However, it appears that I've forgotten who I am.

Yesterday, one of my husband's gifts arrived. I diligently put it in the Christmas gift box hidden somewhere in my house.

On the way home for dinner, we're just chatting about our day and the upcoming week. Out of nowhere, I change the subject and blurt: So do you want your Christmas present now?

Him: Um, what?

Me: Well DO YOU?

Him: Sure, is it shoes?


Him: Dress shoes?

Me: Shoes? Pshaw. What shoes? I haven't gotten you anything yet. Quit pestering me! Christmas is still two months away!

In my opinion, he stared at me a little too long for a person who's driving a small tank.


louann said...

I would love to do Christmas shopping on line. Geez we don't have such over here.

And I can't believe Christmas is around the corner - again.

Amanda Sue said...

that is the danger for me in early shopping.

early Christmas gifts. i love instant gratification. i don't love to wait. but then i also love Christmas gifts on Christmas day.

so it is good for recipients (two sets of gifts!) but not so good for my bank account.

theAdelmans said... hubby and i just decided today that we will do "new years" cards. that buys me a little more time, right?! and it's not even halloween.......

Midas said...

I get very stressed out thinking about shopping for anyone.

I get around it by buying gift certificates and letting them buy their own.

My first inclination would be to buy books because it's my favorite gift...but I also know that not all people like books as a present. :)

Katrina said...

Heehee! Shopping online is a definite blessing! I'm going to be hitting the Black Friday sales this year with a gaggle of girls, which should be interesting. Theoretically, we're meeting at 5 a.m. Yikes.